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At the Adecco Group, we conduct our business responsibly and in compliance with international standards, best practices, and the laws and regulations of the territories in which we operate. One aspect of our approach to sustainability is supply chain responsibility. This means we not only take responsibility for the social and environmental impact of our own activities, but also take a critical look at the impact of the activities of our business partners, including our suppliers and service providers. 

We have thus made responsible business practices a core element of our procurement strategy, supplier management process and day-to-day operations. This enables us to assess and manage such risks strategically and consistently across the Group.

Supplier responsibilities: The Adecco Group Third Party Code of Conduct


Our Third Party Code of Conduct is integral to our supplier selection process. While we acknowledge that every supplier operates independently, to ensure we meet our ambition, commitments and obligations, we expect that all our suppliers and other third parties agree and adhere to the Adecco Group’s responsible business standards and comply with all applicable laws, regulations and relevant international standards. 


Our Third Party Code of Conduct establishes the fundamental principles to responsible business conduct we expect our suppliers and related third parties to adhere to, ensuring consistency across the diverse environments we operate in and alignment with the Adecco Group Code of Conduct. It applies globally across all our operations and we require commitment to it from all our suppliers.













The Third Party Code of Conduct is periodically updated to align with evolving regulation, legislation, best practices, stakeholder expectations and our own ambition for sustainable business conduct. 

Supply Chain Responsibility

Supplier selection and engagement 

The Adecco Group seeks to engage in long-term relationships with suppliers and service partners that are committed to sustainable development and to demonstrate responsible supply chain management. We have established methodologies and guidelines to ensure we conduct procurement and supplier relationship management in a fair, competitive and transparent negotiation process, in line with our policies and values. 

We verify and monitor supplier compliance through a formal assessment process. 


  • Condition on purchase orders: Purchase Orders are mandatory (with potential exception of small procurement volumes which might not be covered by explicit procurement contracts) and must include commitment to the Adecco Group Third PartyCode of Conduct in the conditions of purchase.


  • Supplier Assessment, Qualification and Onboarding: The supplier onboarding process is initiated by the Adecco Group’s Procurement team. Suppliers must pass several requirements in our qualification process, including commitment to our Third Party Code of Conduct and participation in the Third-Party Risk Assessment.


  • Supplier Evaluation and Monitoring : We evaluate and monitor our supplier portfolio regularly for ESG risk factors, inherent risks from operations and production, and exposure to those risks. The frequency is based on a risk-based approach, to ensure our due diligence is carried out in a manner that is commensurate with the products and services that we buy. This includes recurring screenings, health-checks, risk assessments, and supplier base optimizations. See ‘Our approach’ below for more details.


  • Contracting: All new and extended/renewing procurement contracts must include the contract clause which commits the supplier to our Third Party of Conduct and, additionally, defines self-assessment and audit rights.


  • Supplier diversity: We believe that a diverse and inclusive supplier-base benefits us by bringing different perspectives, innovative solutions, and a resilient supply chain. As such, we are committed to exploring opportunities to promote, increase, and improve the business participation of qualified underrepresented business enterprises in our procurement process, including but not limited to women, ethnic minority, LGBTQ++, disabled, and/or veteran or small business owned businesses.

Our Third-Party Risk Management Principles

Our Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) approach


Our Third-Party Risk Management Framework follows international best practice standards and is aligned with the principles and approach of the UN Global Compact, to which The Adecco Group committed in 2003 as the first company in its industry, as well as other globally recognised standards such as the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Our Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Risks Areas in Scope

Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) as part of our Third-Party Risk Management Framework


At The Adecco Group we are embedding Environmental, Social and Governance considerations into everything we do. Our risk based TPRM Framework applies a strong focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) related risks and opportunities.

Our approach towards ESG Risk Management

Our Supplier Expectations:

  • Child labor is prohibited.

  • All forms of forced labor or slavery are prohibited.

  • Suppliers should promote and maintain an inclusive and diverse culture and an environment of respect and equal opportunity for everyone working with them, where people are treated with dignity and fairness, individual differences are valued, and everyone feels comfortable about expressing opinions and contributing ideas.

  • Occupational safety regulations and laws must be followed, as well as possible risks must be eliminated. Relevant measures should be implemented.

  • Suppliers shall pay salaries and employment benefits that are fair and competitive in the relevant industry and adhere to all applicable wage and compensation laws globally, including but not limited to rules and regulations related to equal pay and transparency of pay.

  • Freedom of association should be granted.

Our Supplier Expectations:

  • Reducing environmental impact.

  • Conservation of biological diversity and development of a circular economy

  • Climate protection and avoidance of deforestation

  • Designation and assessment of hazardous materials, chemicals, and substance inclusive of safe handling, transport, storage, reuse and disposal in accordance with the Stockholm and Basel Conventions

  • Maintenance of sustainable water management

  • Waste reduction

Grievance mechanisms

The Adecco Group offers an independent channel for employees and external stakeholders, including suppliers, to raise any concerns relating to potentially improper business conduct and to report any actual or suspected misconduct  or violations of the fundamental principles to responsible business conduct mentioned in the Third Party of Conduct, by using the Adecco Compliance & Ethics (“ACE”) Line.The Adecco Group respects the right to speak up and raise grievances without fear or realisation and accepts anonymous reports, consistent with applicable law.