Reporting Misconduct

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Encouraging you to speak up and seek help

The Adecco Compliance & Ethics [ACE] Reporting Tools have been designed to assist you to report actual or potential violations of the law, the Adecco Group's Code of Conduct, policies or procedures.

Please refer to the “Reporting Issues and Concerns” section of our Code of Conduct or visit the ACE Conduct website .

To contact the ACE Hotline, dial your country's access number, which you can find here . If you are calling from the US and Canada, dial 800-279-6315.

You may also submit a written statement through the ACE Reporting Line, click here to access this service.

Calls and written correspondence made through the above mentioned ACE Reporting Tools will be received 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a third-party service provider with whom the Adecco Group has contracted to receive such messages on the Adecco Group's behalf. When the third party-service provider receives either a telephone call or written correspondence, the third party-service provider will forward the messages to the Adecco Group's Group Compliance Reporting Office who reports to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. The Group Compliance Reporting Office reviews incoming reports for appropriate handling, communicates with the reporter throughout the process to obtain any additional information, and tracks the progress of any investigations.