Our global reach and portfolio of leading brands gives us unparalleled insight into the trends that are shaping the way we work and how companies are rethinking how they build and optimise their workforces. From geopolitical uncertainties and demographic trends to emerging technologies and skills imbalances, our research helps shape policy, form public opinion and contribute to the effective implementation of regulations and frameworks around the world.

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Generation COVID And How Young People Are Reinventing Themselves: TOP 5 Trends From The World Of Work

This week we look at how young people’s careers have been affected by COVID, why faking your commute makes sense, whether we’re obsessed with productivity, how to prepare for the hybrid office and why CEOs are happy they don’t have to fly for business.

4 days ago


PODCAST: Looking Back In Order To Look Forward

The conclusion of the 8-part The Way To Work podcast series – the result of a collaboration between the Adecco Group Foundation and Monocle – looks back on an extraordinary year to better understand how to focus on the future and addresses the trends that have been accelerated by COVID-19 in the world of work.

22 December 2020

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Amazon Plans to Upskill 29 Million People: TOP 5 Trends From The World Of Work

Amazon pledges $700m to train nearly 30 million people worldwide in cloud computing by 2025; employers are encouraged to focus on remote employees’ wellbeing and career development . Investment in augmented and virtual reality technologies is predicted to surge as the technology promises to ‘humanize’ the remote and blended working experience; robots find a welcome as their role in health protection is recognised, but migrants could face a wider future pay gap.

18 December 2020


CEO Voice: People First. 5 Trends That Will Shape 2021

The past 12 months have seen countries, businesses and in fact society battered by the global Covid-19 pandemic. It has tested us all. For my last blog of 2020, I am taking a look at five current trends in the world of work and what they might mean for 2021 and beyond.

17 December 2020


What The Rest Of The World Can Learn From South Korea’s COVID-19 Response

As the world transitions into the next stage of the global pandemic, it is important to reflect on which countries had the most effective response to the initial outbreak, not only as a best practice example for other countries to follow, but also to gauge which countries are best prepared for whatever comes next.

15 December 2020

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Workers push for their employers to step up to the mark on environmental and social justice issues: TOP 5 Trends From The World Of Work

Staff push for their employers to deliver on environmental and social justice issues; Millions of US people became freelancers for the first time, but there is an educational and social divide between those workers who can and cannot work remotely. A majority of UK employees have the skills to survive automation, while two-thirds of companies foot the bill for home offices. These are the top 5 trends in the world of work:

11 December 2020


Reinventing Today’s Workforce: Welcome to the Skills Economy

Michael Priddis, CEO of Faethm, shares the opportunities for companies that adopt a data-enabled and human-first approach to workforce transformation, in response to automation, COVID and recession, to rapidly upskill and reskill their workforces to transition to the jobs of tomorrow.

08 December 2020

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Government To Offer 50% Tax Cut To Attract Remote Workers: TOP 5 Trends From The World Of Work

The Greek government is offering a 50% tax incentive to attract remote workers. Unilever pilots a four-day work week in New Zealand. The number of online job adverts used as a proxy for the health of the labour market. Offices should cater for socialising, collaboration, concentration and have access to nature. Research in the U.S. shows single mothers have been the hardest hit of all parents by the effects of COVID-19 with nearly 10% of them no longer in work.

04 December 2020


‘The pandemic has been a wake-up call for embracing inclusion and diversity’ says actor and teacher with Down’s syndrome

“The pandemic has put us all in our place in the face of illness and mortality. Can you imagine a better wake-up call for embracing diversity?”. Pablo Pineda, well-known disability activist, speaks to IMD Profesor of social innovation Vanina Farber.

04 December 2020


There Is More That Unites Us Than Divides Us – 3 Stories on Disability and Inclusion

COVID-19 has accelerated some trends like the increasing use of digital technology and remote working. The pandemic has also shone a spotlight on inequality and exacerbated the challenges faced not only by vulnerable and disabled people, but by all of us.

02 December 2020


6 Microsoft Teams Tricks To Improve Your Mental Well-being While Working Remotely

You can burn the candle at both ends, but what happens when you run out of wax in the middle? I wanted to share some of my learnings on how to change your digital and home working habits.

24 November 2020


These Are Europe’s Most Inclusive Companies As Ranked By Employees: TOP 5 Trends From The World Of Work

Europe’s most inclusive companies ranked by employees. Company sees a jump in women applying for senior roles after introducing a fully flexible work scheme. The 6 main global economic implications of remote work. Millions are facing loss of jobless aid in the US. New study compares 20 government responses to mitigate Covid-19 impact. These are the trending stories in the world of work.

20 November 2020


WFH Is Old News. The ‘Near Home’ Office Is The Next Big Thing: TOP 5 Trends From The World Of Work

From new ways of working remotely, lofty-sounding job titles, measuring people’s work effectively to the EU’s Vocational Skills week – read this week’s five stories trending in the world of work.

13 November 2020


Hybrid Working, Technology And Reskilling: The Key Takeaways From The WEF’s Jobs Reset Summit

Last month, the World Economic Forum’s Jobs Reset Summit brought together more than 1,000 leaders from business, international organisations and government.

12 November 2020


Vocational Educational Training – A Key Contributor To The Post-COVID-19 World Of Work

For workers to remain competitive and secure life-long employability, it is crucial to invest in their reskilling and upskilling.

11 November 2020

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Leaving These 5 Cities In The US Could Result In The Largest Pay Cuts: TOP 5 Trends From The World Of Work

Leaving These 5 cities in the US might result in the largest pay cuts. 20 million Americans expected to relocate. Hotels offer an alternative to home office. The reverse brain drain is also happening in the UK, and Gig-economy companies see California win as national model. These are the trending stories in the world of work.

06 November 2020


Four Reasons Why Offices May Be More Beneficial Than You Think

Doing away with the office in the post-pandemic world may be counterproductive. Here are four reasons as to why keeping the office alive could be the more reasonable approach.

02 November 2020


These Three Skills Cannot Be Replicated By Artificial Intelligence: TOP 5 Trends From The World Of Work

Skills that are AI-proof, Uber being sued for automated robo-firing, redesigning our cities due to remote work, most businesses planning to rehire their laid off staff and three priorities for HR leaders for 2021. These are the stories currently trending in the world of work.

30 October 2020


CEO Voice: Talent Rivers And Employment Bridges: Rethinking The Acquisition And Flow Of Talent

With the rapidly changing world of work, how can companies change their recruitment philosophy to access the best talent?

29 October 2020


CEO Voice: Lay off the layoffs. To transform effectively, focus on retraining instead

The cost advantage of retraining over outside hiring is attention-grabbing. It can cost up to 3 times more to lay off and re-hire than to retrain an existing employee. Watch some of Alain Dehaze's insights at Fortune’s virtual Global Forum.

28 October 2020

54% Of Workers Worry About Losing Their Job In Next 12 Months: TOP 5 Trends From The World Of Work

This week we look at why people fear losing their jobs, why employers are confident they will get the talent they need, how machines might do half of all work tasks by 2025 and we explain what is technostress.

23 October 2020


10 Questions To Ask Yourself When Determining If An Opportunity Is Right For You

Starting a new job can be a life-changing decision, so it is essential to take the time to evaluate if an opportunity is the right one for you.

21 October 2020


Is Your Company’s Resilience Battery On Empty? Five Steps To Recharge

Resilience is like a battery; to maintain a full charge, it must be properly maintained and periodically recharged. Run the resilience battery too long in an environment that is harsh and unwelcoming, and it will eventually be drained and lose power.

20 October 2020


70% Of Americans Struggle To Make Ends Meet: TOP 5 News From The World Of Work

As the global economy is expected to shrink this year and the crisis continues to impact millions of workers, we look at how some companies embrace virtual work at a time when many employees fear its effects on their mental health.

16 October 2020


It’s Time To Put Mental Health First. Here’s What Businesses Can Do To Move From Words To Action

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, companies around the world have assumed new roles and responsibilities. Here are five examples of what they can do to improve their employees’ wellbeing.

13 October 2020


PODCAST: COVID-19 Has Triggered Changes In The Workplace – What Are The Issues And Where Are The Solutions?

How can we ensure workforce has the right skills for the future, why diversity and inclusion have become a matter of competitive advantage and how will people and machines cooperate in the future?

13 October 2020


Why Investing In Wellbeing Will Make All The Difference In Employee Engagement

Have companies been doing wellbeing wrong? There are more elements to employee wellbeing than the essential physical and mental health. Thanks to new models, businesses are now able to fix problems they didn’t even know existed.

12 October 2020


COVID Has Wiped Out The Economic Dreams Of A Generation In Asia: TOP 5 News From The World Of Work

While much of the news continues to be dominated by the pandemic, this week’s trends also touch on the issue of mental health ahead of the World Mental Health day.

09 October 2020


Why In The COVID Era Emotional Intelligence Makes Or Breaks Business Leaders. Here Are 7 Tips On How To Develop It

Each year on World Mental Health Day, 10 October, we are reminded of the importance of mental health in our everyday lives. Amid COVID-19 and the subsequent transformation of our work lives, we now have a great opportunity to integrate better mental health practices into our workplaces and our work relationships. One way to do so is to focus more on building Emotional Intelligence.

09 October 2020

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Young People Are Giving Up Hope Of Getting Their Dream Job: TOP 5 Trends From The World Of Work

This week’s news is dominated by the impact of COVID-19 on young people, women and airline jobs as well as by Spain’s decision to expand its furlough scheme.

02 October 2020

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Five Jobs That Will Not Return Even After COVID-19 Is Over: TOP 5 Trends From The World Of Work

This week's selection includes news on falling unemployment in the US, the K-shaped recovery and Gen Z using technology to kick-start their careers.

11 September 2020


The “Workaholism” Issue: Millennials Work Too Much

Young people are suffering from "workaholism", the work addiction that affects 66% of Millennials.

09 September 2020


The Future Of Recruiting & Hiring: 5 Trends To Watch

Current trends—many accelerated by pandemic forces beyond our control—have changed the rules of recruiting and hiring, requiring organizations to adapt and embrace new practices to compete and triumph in the future war for talent.

02 September 2020


From Hours Worked To Measuring Results: How COVID-19 Has Accelerated The End Of 9-5 Workday

For decades, our work contracts have been defined by the number of hours we work. But with the transformation of our economies, technological revolution, and COVID-19 that has accelerated the future of work, it is time to review how we define and measure productivity.

21 July 2020


We Asked 8,000 People How They Want To Work Post-COVID-19. Here Are 5 Things They Told Us That Will Likely Change the World of Work Forever

The future of work will be flexible. A hybrid model of remote and office work will be the norm. Productivity will be based on the output and impact, not hours worked. Leadership will be redefined with emphasis on soft skills, empathy, and emotional intelligence. Upskilling will be continuous, and we will all learn to learn. The future of work will reset the meaning of normal and employers will be in the driving seat of this transformation. These are the main conclusions from our global survey of CEOs, leaders, and employees.

30 June 2020


Three Soft Skills That Will Help You Adjust To The Post-COVID World of Work

From time-management, communication skills to emotional intelligence. These are the three soft skills that will help you adjust to the post-COVID world of work.

25 June 2020


5 Skills Workplace Experts Say You Need To Become More Employable After COVID-19

The world has changed in a hurry. With some employees out of work, others working at home, and most wondering what the workplace will look like once the pandemic fades, one thing is clear: There are certain skills that will be in high demand as we move forward in a world with COVID-19.

02 June 2020


Simon Sinek’s Advice: “Millennials, Learn To Be Patient”

In Sinek’s opinion, a world of instant gratification has devalued the meaning of time and steady achievement.

26 May 2020


A Safe Return To The Physical Workplace: Best Practices

In April, the Adecco Group announced the creation of an HR services industry Alliance to develop health and safety guidance that will enable businesses and workers to safely return to the physical workplace when the time is right. Today, the Alliance has published a practical guide that has reviewed more than 400 examples across 13 countries and five sectors.

06 May 2020


Open Letter: Safely Back To Work In The New Normal

Unparalleled collaboration is needed to prepare for the new normal in the workplace in the wake of COVID-19

16 April 2020


6 Ways COVID-19 Is Accelerating The Future Of Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to radically change the way they operate. The changes we make during the crisis might become permanent shifts in how we work.

31 March 2020


CEO Voice: How The Pandemic Will Change The World Of Work Forever

These are profoundly uncertain times. Covid-19 is spreading with frightening speed and all of us - governments, businesses, and individuals - are attempting to understand how best to respond.

20 March 2020

What Can We Learn From Microsoft’s Growth Mindset Culture?

Microsoft has transformed from a stagnating, siloed business into an economic juggernaut in which staff are empowered to succeed. What can other companies learn from Microsoft's transformation?

11 March 2020

9 Tips to Minimise Disruption During a Pandemic

It’s impossible to predict the extent to which your business will be impacted by the coronavirus. But you’ll want to act quickly and decisively on the issues you face today and prepare for the potential of greater disruption headed your way. This article sets out a checklist of key questions you need to ask to prepare.

09 March 2020

10 Key Trends That Will Change the Way We Work in the 2020s

As a decade closes, it's natural to look ahead to what the next one might hold. What will the world of work look like in the coming decade?

30 December 2019