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Generation COVID And How Young People Are Reinventing Themselves: TOP 5 Trends From The World Of Work

This week we look at how young people’s careers have been affected by COVID, why faking your commute makes sense, whether we’re obsessed with productivity, how to prepare for the hybrid office and why CEOs are happy they don’t have to fly for business.

22 December 2020COVID19 , FUTURE OF WORK

PODCAST: Looking Back In Order To Look Forward

The conclusion of the 8-part The Way To Work podcast series – the result of a collaboration between the Adecco Group Foundation and Monocle – looks back on an extraordinary year to better understand how to focus on the future and addresses the trends that have been accelerated by COVID-19 in the world of work.

18 December 2020Top 5

Amazon Plans to Upskill 29 Million People: TOP 5 Trends From The World Of Work

Amazon pledges $700m to train nearly 30 million people worldwide in cloud computing by 2025; employers are encouraged to focus on remote employees’ wellbeing and career development . Investment in augmented and virtual reality technologies is predicted to surge as the technology promises to ‘humanize’ the remote and blended working experience; robots find a welcome as their role in health protection is recognised, but migrants could face a wider future pay gap.

Future of Work

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