Environmental Responsibility

Taking care of the world we live in

12% by 2022 emission reduction

in average C02e emissions

Environmentally conscious

You know why it's important to protect the environment, but how do we protect it? Well, here's how we do our part.

We have a global perspective on everything we do and our passion for the future of the planet we live on is at the forefront of everything we do here at Adecco. We see environmental responsibility as a duty we undertake for future generations and proactively engage in reducing our environmental impact on the world across our organisation.

We’re all responsible for the safekeeping of our planet. Even the smallest gestures make a huge difference.

Reducing consumption

Collectively, humans waste tons of resources, of all kinds, every day. It's outrageous. And we're working to change it.

Since 2010 we have become increasingly aware of the importance of reducing consumption across our organisation. We’ve looked at everything from air miles flown to paper used; computers bought to company car mileage. And since then we have strengthened our commitment to minimising both our consumption and our impact on the environment. From our Swiss Headquarters to our locations across the globe, we are dedicated to delivering tangible results in terms of reductions in energy consumption, benefitting not just our company but the world we all live in.

Lowering CO2 emissions

Any authority or expert will tell you: Greenhouse gas emissions are out of control. We have one option: reduce them.

We’re well aware that every business, indeed every person, has a carbon footprint. And we’re determined to minimise our organisation’s as much as possible. That’s why we participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project [CDP] and centralise the measurement of our CO2 emissions via the ‘myclimate’ database which helps us to break down our environmental impact and shows us where improvements can be made. And where our priorities should lie in terms of our daily operations. To help us work more efficiently for our planet, and the people living on it.

Supporting clients and their environmental targets

It's about creating a subtle ripple that turns into a powerful wave. And we're happy to be the catalyst.

With our own focus and experience of setting and meeting environmental targets, we’re able to help our clients to do so too. We can provide expertise virtually or onsite to assess, advise, guide and help implement new initiatives, strategies and ways of working that will reduce corporate environmental impact. We will make your targets our own and support you in devising, developing and implementing your own Environmental Responsibility policies. We share one world. That’s why we’ll share our expertise.

Adecco Group Environmental Guidelines

As the world's leading provider of HR solutions and a Fortune Global 500 company, we are conscious of the impact of our operations on the environment and of the difference we can make by acting responsibly.


Sustainability Report

The Adecco Group is committed to making the future work for everyone. Read our 2018 Sustainability Report to find out how the Adecco Group is creating shared value and building better futures for all its stakeholders.