A large technology company needed the Adecco Group`s help in keeping the internet safe. As they were leveraging User Generated Content (UGC), they needed a content moderation team working to ensure ‘Trust & Safety’- a set of business practices that keeps the internet safe. Specifically, they needed a team of content moderators to reduce the risk of online users getting exposed to harm, fraud or other behaviours that are outside ‘community’ policy guidelines.


The challenge: A flexible and agile solution for content moderation


Content moderation still requires an element of human intervention as AI is not yet ‘smart’ enough to understand all the nuances of language, and therefore what can be included and what needs to be removed. The client’s Trust & Safety requirements cover multiple global languages for every type of UGC, and we had to compete with highly mature outsourcing companies to deliver a content moderation team. The client wanted a flexible and agile solution for their ‘Trust & Safety’ operations for the Japanese and Korean languages in their delivery centers in the respective countries.


How we helped: Building an end-to-end solution


In collaboration with our client, we created an end-to-end solution that included recruitment of the right profiles, on-boarding and training of the teams, as well as evergreen performance improvement. We have also deployed a unique wellbeing approach to support and protect the moderators from the unique stressors induced by ‘disturbing’ content.
We launched operations in Japan over 8 years ago as a small, flexible placement solution. We demonstrated a flexible, added-value approach for the client, and matured the programme to outsourcing, with tangible output measured. We now manage the operations in two delivery centres as their outsourcing partner and we support the customer by delivering tangible output governed by strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs).



Impact: Client collaboration and relationship development

The Adecco Group now oversees all components of the clients’ requirements, from hiring people to trainings on all products, policies and procedures, through performance management, creation of a career path, and upskilling & reskilling. We manage all customer satisfaction requirements and drive efficiency for their operations. We have over 500 workers assigned to the operations and have 100% ownership of two language streams- Japanese and Korean. A big focus for clients who require solutions in this field is that moderators are prepared to undergo unique stresses due to exposure to extreme content. To enable that, we implemented a customised wellbeing program aligned to the countries’ cultures and work practices.
This is an example of a client collaboration that we developed from a small flexible placement offering to a fully-fledged outsourced solution. The key was to demonstrate to our client that we can build for them a flexible and agile solution.


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