A large financial services company, heavily impacted by the Covid pandemic, had to restructure their internal employee population, while at the same time accelerating their own digital transformation- divesting from a directly owned retail bank model in favor of a franchise model. We have partnered with this client for more than a decade, when they approached the Adecco Group in the second half of 2021 asking us to design a solution that would help them reorganize their internal structure.

To meet this challenge, our client was looking for a partner that could deliver a well-designed solution addressing multiple aspects of their HR agenda.


The challenge: Attract the right talent for a new business model


The customer needed to transform from a traditional, directly owned retail branch model to a franchise model. To achieve this goal, they needed to attract very reliable talent with an entrepreneurial mindset in a market where the competition between tech companies and financial services companies is very high. It was therefore extremely important to strongly reposition their brand for them to be able to attract the right candidates, as well as clearly explain the benefits of becoming a franchise owner.



How we helped: Dedicated team and a co-operative design approach


We combined the strengths and capabilities of Adecco Workforce Solutions and LHH Recruitment Solutions and appointed a dedicated technical team to work on the project. By taking a co-operative design approach, together with key client stakeholders, we gathered insights on the client’s objectives, culture, employee value proposition and brand awareness. We then developed a tailor-made 6-month Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution to attract financial agents and assess their financial capabilities. The project was deployed across multiple cities and regions and included the sourcing and assessment of over 7,000 candidates. Within six months - which was the agreed timeframe - our solution delivered 200 franchise owners.

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Impact: Customised solution supporting client transformation


The success of this partnership was based on a strong collaboration between the Adecco Group and the client, which led to a deep understanding of the client context and allowed our teams to design the right solution. As the client wanted the solution delivered within 6 months, the perfect alignment between our brands, combining their capabilities, strengths and knowledge was instrumental in delivering a comprehensive and effective solution in a very short timeframe. The fully dedicated team was therefore able to deliver a successful, customised solution to our client quickly and at a time when they most needed us.

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