The Adecco Group, the world’s leading workforce solutions provider, has selected 48 young men and women from the almost 120,000 applicants for this year’s ‘CEO for One Month’ programme. The successful candidates will work alongside The Adecco Group country managers in their home countries, learning on the job and gaining a privileged overview of management in a complex, global organization.

Ambition, initiative, curious minds and passion are among the common strengths displayed by this year’s crop of successful candidates, who have proven that they share The Adecco Group’s purpose and values Yet diversity is also a feature, with the 25 young men and 23 young women getting the chance to test their skills, understand their strengths and aspirations and improve their employability hailing from as far afield as Brazil, China, the Nordics and Turkey.

The lack of work experience is a major barrier to entering the labour market. To answer to this need, The Adecco Group ‘CEO for One Month’ programme gives talented young people unparalleled exposure to top management experience. Shadowing The Adecco Group executives in their home countries, the apprentice CEOs join internal operations reviews and meetings with clients, national and international institutions. They learn about the workforce solutions industry and deal with themes ranging from human capital management to talent and leadership development, as well as corporate strategy and the definition of concerted actions to tackle today’s labour market challenges. Participants then have a further opportunity to be selected as ‘Global CEO for One Month’, offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to work alongside Alain Dehaze, The Adecco Group’s global CEO.

Since the scheme’s introduction four years ago, more than 140 successful candidates have joined The Adecco Group ‘CEO for One Month’ network. Initiated with the goal of helping young people to enhance their employability, the programme has become an outstanding talent scouting process for The Adecco Group and its clients, with many successful candidates subsequently joining the company and receiving further professional opportunities.

Alain Dehaze, The Adecco Group CEO, said: “I have three pieces of advice for this year’s successful young people: be authentic. Listen and learn from everyone you meet; every great leader has excellent listening skills. Finally, truly live our purpose and values. Then, I’m sure performance and success will come through learning and experience”.

“In one month I had the chance to work alongside Alain Dehaze, travelling across four continents and clocking up more than 83 flight hours. I interacted with four Ministers of Labour and even contributed thoughts about youth unemployment at the White House during the Global Apprenticeship Network Annual Event. It was the most challenging and life changing experience I have ever had”, said Camille Clément, The Adecco Group 2016 ‘CEO for One Month’.

Hired by the Group, Camille now manages an Adecco Group France project for the integration of refugees in the labour market.

‘CEO for One Month’ is part of Way to Work, The Adecco Group’s programme launched in 2013 to give young people opportunities and allow them to thrive through the power of work. Adecco Way to WorkTM also offers young people internships and apprenticeships (over 10,500 between 2015 and 2017), career guidance and training. Striving to tackle youth unemployment and talent mismatches, The Adecco Group also works with private and public partners in programmes like the Nestlé Alliance for Youth and the Global Apprenticeship Network.

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