Yesterday, the Adecco Group successfully issued EUR 400 million 2.750% notes due November 15, 2019. The notes were issued through Adecco International Financial Services BV, guaranteed by Adecco S.A., within the framework of Adecco’s Euro MediumTerm Note Programme. The proceeds will be used for general corporate purposes including the refinancing of existing 5-year guaranteed Euro medium-term notes due April 28, 2014.

The details of the notes are as follows:

 2019 notes


 Principal amount:

EUR 400 million


2.750% p.a.


November 15, 2019

 Issue price:


 Redemption price:


The expected settlement date for the notes is July 16, 2013.

Adecco Group is currently rated as follows by international rating agencies: Standard & Poor’s (BBB stable) and Moody’s (Baa3 stable).

For any other questions please contact:

Adecco Corporate Investor Relations or +41 (0) 44 878 89 89

Adecco Corporate Press Office or +41 (0) 44 878 87 87