This year’s Games in Lillehammer again feature the IOC Athlete Career Programme in cooperation with Adecco as part of the Compete, Learn & Share experience that includes more than 30 activities. The ACP focuses on advising the 15 to 18 year-old athletes on their education, life skills and career development, enabling them to become champions for life . The Compete, Learn & Share programme’ offers a unique experience and runs from 8-21 February offering core educational activities centred on the Youth Olympic Villages in Lillehammer and Hamar.

The IOC Athlete Career Programme will deliver content through two online exercises: ‘Balance Your Act’ and ‘Act On Your Time’ which provide guidance on the importance of a supportive network and how fundamental time management is to combine sports, education and eventually a job. The ACP shows athletes the foundations for a successful career during and beyond sport. It helps them develop transferable skills that ease their eventual career transition and maximise educational and employment opportunities. Furthermore, the ‘Sport Up Your Life’ quiz helps young athletes discover a whole range of careers available in sport and guides them to those best suited to their abilities and interests.

The exercises are delivered by Adecco and the IOC ACP team along with members of the IOC Athletes’ Commission and a group of 15 Athlete Role Models (ARMs). The ARMs include legendary Olympic and World champions, who play a key role in supporting, mentoring and offering advice to the young athletes.

Mark De Smedt, Adecco Group Chief Human Resources Officer and member of the IOC ACP Steering Committee, said:

“Young people are our future, and young Olympians are highly talented, determined and goal-oriented champions, with profiles companies are looking for. With the IOC Athlete Career Programme, we are proud to help such gifted individuals focus and shape the soft skills and knowledge sought by employers and prepare and guide them to success in the labour market.”

“Our key focus throughout the YOG is to ‘inspower’ young participants: to inspire them to perform, to learn new skills, to share with athletes of other nations and cultures but also to empower them to become leaders in sports and beyond the field of play. Going through the Learn & Share activities and workshops should be a life-changing experience for all participants and an invitation for them to stay in the world of sport and to leverage the power of sport for a better world,” stated Philippe Furrer, Head of YOG Engagement, Learn & Share.

“A strong tradition bonds Adecco to sport and its values’, said Torben Sneve, Country Manager Adecco Norway, which was the first company to sign a sponsor agreement with Lillehammer YOG 2016. “Not only are we proud to support such a great event which brings together the world’s best young athletes, but we are also honoured that its success belongs to the strong commitment and passion of our employees and associates currently working to make it happen.”

About IOC Adecco ACP

Since 2005 and 2007 respectively, the Adecco Group has been working with the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to support elite Olympic and Paralympic athletes in their transition from sport to the labour market through career training and job placement. More than 28,000 athletes from over 185 countries have been involved in both programmes since 2005. Agreements between National Olympic and Paralympic Committees and Adecco organisations have been in place since the global launch in 35 countries on five continents.


The Lillehammer Youth Olympics involve 71 nations. Beyond the host country, most participants are from nations with winter sports traditions. But the Games also include states such as South Africa, East Timor, Nepal, Kenya, Libya, Cyprus and Jamaica. Almost 1,100 athletes aged 15-18 will compete in seven sports, 15 disciplines (such as Alpine and Cross Country skiing) and 70 events. Uniquely to the Youth Olympics, such events are particularly inclusive, at times involving mixed gender and mixed teams.


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