Adecco Group, the world’s leading provider of HR solutions, received over 53,400 online registrations for its 50 ‘CEO for One Month’ internships. Screening and interviews will now begin to select the 50 successful candidates to work alongside Adecco top management in their home countries. Only one will become the Adecco group ‘CEO for One Month’ alongside Alain Dehaze. For all it will be a chance to enhance their CVs and improve their future prospects.

While global youth unemployment is running at 13%, technological progress is creating new jobs requiring skills not available today. Some 40% of employers say they cannot find the skills needed to develop their businesses and identify lack of experience as the main barrier to entry level vacancies. New educational and training systems and work-based training opportunities, such as internships, and apprenticeships, are essential to help young people gain experience and get onto the career ladder. The same applies to temporary work opportunities, where statistics show 71% of agency workers remains in employment after the assignment (CIETT Economic Report 2016).

To play its part, the Adecco Group has devised its Adecco Way to WorkTM and ‘CEO for One Month’ programmes. Adecco Way to WorkTM provided more than 3,000 internships in 2015 at Adecco and client partners. The aim is for 5,000 in 2016. ‘CEO for One Month’ is an additional opportunity to gain leadership and management experience – allowing 50 talented youngsters around the world to work alongside Adecco top management in their home countries.

After receiving 53,466 online registrations from 50 countries by the April 15 deadline, Adecco recruiters will now proceed with local selection and interviews, to be finalized in June.

The ‘CEOs for One Month’ will learn on the job, being exposed to business cases, client meetings and business reviews to develop their hard and soft skills. After a further selection stage, the top 10 will participate in the ‘CEO for One Month Bootcamp’, with one only then being appointed Adecco Group CEO for One Month. The Group position will bring a further month’s experience, this time alongside Alain Dehaze, offering a taste of how to run the global industry leader: a Fortune 500 company with 32,000 employees and Euro 22 billion revenues in 2015.

Nadiah Mahad, ‘CEO for One Month’ at Adecco Singapore in 2015, who then joined Adecco as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, said: “My experience as ‘CEO For One Month’ was unique; to have the opportunity to step into a CEO’s shoes and discover first-hand the many roles that a CEO juggles enabled me to acquire professional insights that will definitely be an asset in my career.”

Savannah Graybill, USA Olympic hopeful and the 2015 Adecco Group North America ‘CEO for One Month’, who applied to the initiative through the International Olympic Committee and USOC Athlete Career & Education Program, added: “For me, it was the opportunity of a lifetime! My advice to other young people is: the more opportunities you embrace, the more you will learn, and the more doors you will open. Get out of your comfort zone and give your all.”

Adecco Group CEO Alain Dehaze commented: “Adecco Way to WorkTM and the ‘CEO for One Month’ represent our promise to help youngsters enter the world of work. We look forward to meeting the 2016 ‘CEOs for One Month’ and helping them boost their employability. We are committed to sharing our expertise and leveraging our network to support the over 53,400 youngsters who applied.”

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