Why invest in the Adecco Group ?

We are the global leader in workforce solutions. The world of work is changing, and we are seizing the opportunity by transforming, innovating and driving revenue growth We have a strong track record of cash generation and a shareholder-friendly approach to the use of our cash flow, as well as a longstanding tradition of transparent communication and open engagement between management and investors.

While we invest in the transformation of the business, the Group is also committed to paying a progressive dividend. This means we grow the dividend as earnings grow, and commit to maintaining the dividend at least in line with the prior year. Further to the annual dividend, at the end of each year the Board reviews the financial position of the Company and considers the return of excess cash to shareholders.

We are continuously driving performance. We’ve strengthened our operations, enhanced our competitive position, streamlined our processes and upgraded our customer-facing and back office IT. Addressing underperformance is always a strategic priority, allowing us to improve solutions operating below their potential. To learn more, please contact the Investor Relations team.

Our Investor Relations team