The world leading talent advisory company the Adecco Group and China’s leading HR solutions provider Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resources Service (FESCO) have signed the Confirmation of Execution of Joint Venture Agreement during the China Europe Talent Forum (CETF) in Beijing/Zurich on 19th October 2021, officially announcing the establishment of the joint venture (JV) company LHH FESCO.


全球领先人才咨询与解决方案公司德科集团(the Adecco Group)与中国人力资源服务行业的开创者和领先企业北京外企人力资源服务有限公司(简称“北京外企”“FESCO”)于2021年10月19日在北京举办的中欧人才论坛(China-Europe Talent Forum)上签署了《合资协议执行确认书》,官方宣布了合资公司LHH FESCO的成立。


The combined business founded with joint forces aims to support the cultivation of high-end talent in the Chinese market. The service scope of LHH FESCO will focus on providing career transition and talent development services including background checks, talent assessments and analytics, leadership development, coaching, upskilling and reskilling, legal consulting and career transition in China.


结合双方的力量,LHH FESCO合资公司旨在支持中国市场中高层次人才的培养与发展。合资公司在中国的业务范围将专注在职业生涯过渡和人才发展服务上,其中将包括背景调查、人才测评与分析、领导力发展、教练式辅导、技能升级与重塑、法律咨询与职业生涯过渡服务。


HR services in China have been developing rapidly to support the national strategic planning in the next five to ten years. Both parties have thoroughly prepared for months to understand the market and to integrate their product lines. LHH FESCO will continue to work on the full integration of joint businesses to present high level HR consulting services and products to the Chinese market.


中国人力资源服务行业的迅猛发展对于支持未来五到十年的国家战略计划有着重要的意义。从深入市场到整合产品线,双方已经为本次合资做了数月的准备工作,未来LHH FESCO将继续进行全方位的整合,以为中国市场带来高水平的人力资源咨询服务和产品。


As one of the Adecco Group’s business units under the “Future@Work” strategy, LHH, a leading HR management consulting brand, brings its 52 years of experience and expertise in coaching and career transition to the new company.


LHH是德科集团"未来@工作 "(Future@Work)战略下的事业部之一,作为领先的人力资源管理咨询品牌, LHH将其在教练式辅导和职业生涯过渡方面的52年经验与专业带入LHH FESCO合资公司。


Alain Dehaze, Chief Executive Office of the Adecco Group, said: “It is a great honour for me to be able to officially announce the establishment of the joint venture (JV) company LHH FESCO. Since 2010 the Adecco Group has been closely collaborating with FESCO in our joint venture FESCO Adecco, one of the most successful Sino-Swiss JVs in China. This second joint venture is a further clear and tangible milestone, and I am convinced that it will certainly take our partnership to the next level, being beneficiary for both parties.”


“我很荣幸能够正式宣布LHH FESCO合资公司的成立”,德科集团的首席执行官Alain Dehaze说到,“德科集团自2010年以来一直与FESCO在密切合作,双方创建并发展了合资公司外企德科(FESCO Adecco),它是中国最成功的中瑞合资企业之一。如今,第二家合资公司LHH FESCO是我们双方在合作上更清晰、明确的一个里程碑,我相信LHH FESCO的成立将惠及双方,进一步升级我们的合作关系。”


Frank Wang, Chairman of FESCO, said: “Congratulations on the successful establishment of LHH FESCO in Beijing! This marks a new partnership between FESCO and the Adecco Group in the field of professional branding, building on the successful partnership between both parties over the past 10 years. We look forward to providing high quality service to Chinese clients, helping local high-level talents improve their professional skills and leadership with an international perspective. I am very confident this will write a new chapter of successful cooperation for both parties.”


北京外企人力资源服务有限公司董事长王一谔为LHH FESCO的成立也送上寄语,“祝贺LHH FESCO合资公司在北京正式成立!基于我们在过去十年中成功建立的合作关系,LHH FESCO的成立标志着北京外企与德科集团在专业服务品牌上建立了一个崭新的战略合作。我们期待为中国的企业提供优质服务,以国际化视野助力本地的高层次人才提升专业技能以及领导力。我非常有信心,LHH FESCO将为双方的成功合作书写新的篇章。”


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