Workforce Transformation
Ten leaders of tomorrow shortlisted for The Adecco Group’s ‘CEO for one month’
Press Release
September 4, 2017
  • Only one will work with the Adecco Group CEO

  • New study reveals must-have skills for the leaders of the future

Ten young leaders will compete for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to shadow the Adecco Group CEO Alain Dehaze in the 2017 ‘CEO for One Month’ programme. Chosen from an initial 117,500 applicants across the world, the ten finalists will take part in a bootcamp in Paris from 11-14 September, facing a range of solo and team challenges based on real-life CEO scenarios. Only one will be selected to work alongside the CEO of the Adecco Group, helping to run the world’s leading workforce solutions partner, before being offered a dream job that fits with their experience, skills and aspirations. The ten candidates were shortlisted from 48 national ‘CEOs for One Month’ who had shadowed Adecco Country Managers in their country of residence.

‘CEO for One Month’ is part of the Adecco Group’s Way to Work™ programme that strives to address youth unemployment through work experience opportunities, internships and career support.

“‘CEO for One Month’ is part of our commitment to tackle the global problem of youth unemployment through on-the-job training,” said Alain Dehaze. “This programme is a unique opportunity for young people around the world, and it has also boosted our talent pipeline, with many top candidates joining us and our customers after the programme”.

The ten finalists on their way to the bootcamp are: Ed Broadhead, UK; Eksakul Charoensupkul, Thailand; Håkon Halvorsen, Norway; Ann-Sophie Kowalewski, Germany; Maxime Le Tellier, France; Lo An Lin, Taiwan; Valeria Meléndez, Peru; Sydney Rieckhoff, USA; Yulian Silyanovski, Bulgaria; David Torres, Colombia.

Skills for the leaders of the future

The Adecco Group also shared the results of its ‘Leaders of the Future’ survey, revealing the attributes you need to become a great leader in the changing world of work. People skills rank at the top of the list. Being an inspirational team player, a charismatic and approachable communicator, and resilient and adaptable to change are seen as essential traits.

More details can be found in the summary attached.

Over 4,000 people worldwide, between 18-40 years of age who applied to the ‘CEO for One Month’ programme were polled.