Ten young leaders of tomorrow have been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as part of the 2018 ‘CEO for One Month’ programme, which increases the employability and career prospects of young people through work-based learning.

Beginning in February, this year’s programme received more than 200,000 applications from all around the world. Following a rigorous country-level review, 47 talented young people were selected to shadow their Adecco Group country CEOs, gaining a unique insight in to the business and the challenges faced by top executives. These 47 then underwent further challenges and assessments, from which 10 finalists have been chosen to take part in a ‘global bootcamp’, taking place in London from 18-20 September. The bootcamp comprises of individual and group challenges that test the leadership, creativity, lateral thinking and innovation of these young stars.

Of these top performers, only the most exceptional all-around candidate will be selected as the global CEO for One Month. He or she will have the chance to work alongside the Adecco Group CEO, Alain Dehaze, for an entire month, attending international business reviews with senior managers, contributing to strategy meetings and offering fresh ideas around the future of work. On the road, across countries and in the boardroom, this young leader will help to run the world’s leading workforce solutions partner.

“Our ‘CEO for One Month’ programme is a unique opportunity to help young people thrive in their careers, by giving them highly effective work-based learning and increasing their confidence and exposure. It is testament to the strength of the programme, that many candidates join us and our customers in permanent roles after it has finished”, said Alain Dehaze, the Adecco Group CEO.

The final awardee will be announced on 20 September.

The ten finalists on their way to the bootcamp are: Beatrice Partain, Sweden; Diego Alejandro Utreras Dávila, Ecuador; Lisa Frommhold, Germany; Miguel Castillo Moles, Spain; Mirko Raimondi, Italy; Nicole Wagner, Luxembourg; Olivia Poulin, Canada; Sara Maria Sustelo Santos, Portugal; Yolian Ogbu, USA and Zoey Tong Si Hui, Singapore.

About ‘CEO for One Month’

The ‘CEO for One Month’ programme began in Norway in 2011 and has since grown in to a flagship initiative for the Adecco Group. It helps young people increase their employability and career prospects through highly effective work-based learning. In the last five years, more than 200 candidates have had the opportunity to shadow the Adecco Group leadership in their country of residence for one month. One exceptional candidate is also chosen to shadow the CEO of the Adecco Group globally for a month. Applications for the 2018 programme exceeded 204,000.

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