A team of 80 Adecco Win4Youth ‘ambassadors’ from 37 countries completed the Mallorca Škoda Triathlon as the highlight event of the 2015 Win4Youth project. The godmother of Win4Youth 2015 and Swiss Olympic triathlete, Nicola Spirig competed alongside our ambassadors. The annual initiative by Adecco, the world’s leading provider of HR solutions, supports foundations giving young people a better start in life and work while fostering the engagement and values of Adecco employees through sport.

On September 6, the 80-strong Adecco team completed the Triathlon of Mallorca, marking the most important event in the 2015 Win4Youth programme. They swam 1.5 km, cycled 40 km and ran 10 km. To face this heroic challenge, the triathletes received expert training from professional coaches. At the finish line they were welcomed by the new CEO of Adecco Group Alain Dehaze, together with the recently appointed ‘CEO for One Month’, Ayumi Kunori, at her first official engagement.

Holding high the Adecco values of team spirit, responsibility, passion, entrepreneurship and customer focus, the Adecco team contributed to this year’s Win4Youth goal: to swim, cycle and run 1,75 million kilometres. Reaching this goal will ensure a Group donation to charities that give disadvantaged young people a better start in life, improve their skills and enhance their chances of finding work. Over 10,000 Adecco colleagues worldwide have joined the cause in 2015 and will keep swimming, cycling and running together to reach the target by the end of the year, while also embracing a dynamic and healthy lifestyle.

“Congratulations to our 80 Adecco Win4Youth ambassadors that completed today the Triathlon of Mallorca”, said Alain Dehaze. “For the last 6 years, the enthusiasm and commitment in our Win4Youth programme has grown from strength to strength. Thanks to our passionate colleagues around the world, delivering outstanding performance and motivated by a strong purpose, we are able to give youngsters in need a better start in life and work. And together in 2016, we will continue to go further and exceed our target to reach our new goal of 2,75 million kilometres .”

The 2015 Win4Youth initiative will benefit eight foundations across the world:

  • Foundation for Young Australians offers a three-year programme that up-skills and supports young indigenous high school students..

  • Hope For Justice works to restore the lives of girls rescued from sex trafficking..

  • Beyond the moon offers families with a seriously ill child the opportunity to enjoy a memorable, cost-free vacation..

  • Projeto Saúde & Alegria (Health and Happiness Project - HHP) works to improve living conditions in the Amazon region with innovations and modern social technologies that bring a sustainable benefit to the whole community..

  • Teach For Bulgaria provides access to quality education for every child in Bulgaria..

  • Fundacion LuPines supports and rehabilitates children and young people with brain injury in early childhood..

  • SOS Children’s Villages Greece takes care of for children who are orphaned, abandoned or whose families are unable to care of them, from the age of even a few months. .

  • Tomorrow’s Children Fund provides a warm, healthy and loving environment for sick children as well as supporting familiesto relieve emotional and financial stress, ensuring the very best possible medical care and funding for research.

Now in its sixth year, Win4Youth has already raised over €1.62m for youth charities and sports events have been organised in more than 60 countries . In previous editions, Adecco colleagues have taken part in major sporting challenges to raise funds, including the NYC Marathon, the Athens Classic Marathon, the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon and cycled up Mont Ventoux & Col du Tourmalet in France.

About Win4Youth

Adecco’s Win4Youth initiative is a sports and skill development programme involving our employees, associates and clients worldwide. The main purpose of Win4Youth is to ensure a Group donation for disadvantaged young people and improve their future chances of successfully entering the job market. At the same time, it allows Adecco employees to live the company’s values and keep fit. For every Kilometer covered by an employee, associate or client, Adecco Group donates money to selected youth development projects around the world.

To date, Win4Youth funds have been donated to foundations in India, France, Spain, USA, Haiti, Chile, Brazil, Philippines, Greece, China, Morocco, New Zealand, Belgium, Colombia, Cambodia, Argentina, Portugal, Poland, Italy and Thailand.