Group press release, Zürich, Switzerland, April 13

The Adecco Group's shareholders have approved all the proposals by the Company's Board of Directors at its 2022 Annual General Meeting ("AGM"). Shareholders were not able to attend the virtual meeting in person, but could exercise their shareholder rights via the independent proxy and address questions on agenda items to the Board of Directors in writing ahead of the meeting, which was broadcast live.


Shareholders supported the proposed distribution of a dividend of CHF 2.50 per share with 99.8% votes. Adecco Group shares will trade ex-dividend on April 19, 2022 with the dividend payment planned for April 21, 2022. A capital reduction through the cancellation of shares repurchased under Adecco Group's 2021 share buyback programme, was also approved.


Jean-Christophe Deslarzes was confirmed as Chairman of the Board of Directors. All other members were re-elected for another term: Rachel Duan, Ariane Gorin, Alexander Gut, Didier Lamouche, David Prince, Kathleen Taylor, and Regula Wallimann.


Shareholders also approved the Annual Report 2027, and in a non-binding advisory vote, approved the Remuneration Report for 2021.

The final results of the AGM are available here



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