Workforce Transformation
Adecco Group’s fourth global street day helps a million job seekers to a better start in the world of work
Over 6,700 Adecco people in 53 countries shared their expertise, tips and tools to help fight youth unemployment and talent mismatch.
March 18, 2016

Adecco Group, the world’s leading provider of Human Resources solutions, held its fourth global ‘Street Day’ to help job seekers around the world gain a better start in the world of work. In 53 countries spanning 6 continents, over 6,700 Adecco people shared their expertise, tips and tools during around 3,500 workshops and coaching sessions. More than 3 million people have been supported through Adecco Street Day since its launch in 2013.

At 13% globally, youth unemployment is still running at an alarming rate, with levels of over 15% in the USA, 22% in Europe, and around 30% in the Middle East and North Africa. A whole generation is at risk of wasting a crucial opportunity for professional development and endangering its long term prospects.

Adecco Group has responded through its global Adecco Way to WorkTM programme. As part of the scheme, on March 17 the fourth global Adecco Street Day showed the commitment of Adecco Group people to tackle the threat of unemployment by offering their expertise on the street and in public spaces in 670 cities in 53 countries around the world.

During around 3,500 career guidance workshops and seminars, Adecco’s experts trained job seekers on key topics, such as assessing potential career paths, improving CVs and perfecting interview techniques. The Street Day programme also included job “speed dating” and social media identity and reputation checks for effective online job seeking. In all, a million people were reached, bringing to over 3 million the total number of job seekers Adecco has supported since the first Street Day in 2013.

Way to Work by the Adecco Group also offers an online career centre with tips, career guidance material and internship opportunities. In 2015 over 3,000 internships were allocated around the world, and the Group aims at 5000 for 2016.

Alain Dehaze, Adecco Group CEO, said: “My thanks to all my colleagues who contributed their expertise and time to helping job seekers around the world. There is no easy fix to unemployment, especially the youth unemployment emergency, and it requires concerted public-private action. But for sure we must not wait: the future of young people is our future, and by helping them now we will improve the prospects of our countries, communities and organizations”.

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