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Adecco Group announces Jordan Topoleski, 20, from the United States as 2020 “CEO for one month”
Jordan Topoleski, 20, from the United States has been named as the Global CEO for One Month to work alongside Alain Dehaze, CEO, the Adecco Group.Adecco Group CEO for One Month program builds next generation leaders, with a focus on the new profile of leadership required in a post-pandemic world of work.The pandemic has demanded a new set of required leadership competencies and these expectations will accelerate the reinvention of the modern-day leader.
September 3, 2020

Jordan Topoleski, 20, from the United States was today named the Adecco Group’s 2020 Global CEO for One Month. For the first time, the program was performed fully online. The CEO for One Month program is designed to build the next generation of leaders, informed by Adecco Group research that shows the emergence of a new profile of skills and qualities needed for future leaders to succeed in an increasingly uncertain world.

Following an eight-month selection process involving more than 200,000 applications from 34 countries, Jordan was chosen to spend one month serving alongside the Adecco Group CEO, Alain Dehaze. He will contribute to the day-to-day running of the world’s leading HR solutions company and help shape the future world of work.

Beginning in February, this year’s CEO for One Month selection process adapted quickly to COVID-19 requirements and used the situation to help young people to think about what it means to lead in challenging times. The process began when 34 talented young leaders of tomorrow were chosen to shadow the Adecco Group’s respective country CEOs. Ten finalists were then chosen to take part in the ‘virtual global bootcamp’ this week, which took them through a series of assessments and exercises to test their abilities and develop their leadership potential. At the close of the bootcamp, Jordan was selected as the Global CEO for One Month.

This year’s program comes at a time when sweeping workplace changes are coming in a post-pandemic world of work – especially around the expectations of leaders and what it takes to succeed.

The command and control approach of the past is quickly shifting toward more distributed leadership models. Being a ‘high EQ leader’ is crucial, with empathy, trust and a focus on wellbeing and culture-building critical. Research from the Adecco Group shows that the pandemic has demanded a new set of leadership competencies and that these expectations will accelerate a reinvention of the modern-day leader:

  • 74% of employees want their managers to demonstrate a leadership style focussed on empathy and a supportive attitude

  • 70% of employees say that support for their mental wellbeing will be important to them after the pandemic.

A further study commissioned by the Adecco Group which assessed ‘Gen Z’ leaders of tomorrow, found that many young people already possess many of the attributes needed to succeed. The report found that in many areas, including deductive reasoning and how world views are processed and applied to a strategic problem, the ‘Gen Z’ group showed stronger leadership traits than many current business leaders.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Adecco Group CEO, Alain Dehaze, said:

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome Jordan to the Adecco Group and I am looking forward to working alongside him and learning from his insights on the future of work and leadership. This year’s CEO for One Month announcement comes at a pivotal time, with the world of work likely to never return to the “normal” we knew before the pandemic. In particular, the sudden and dramatic change in the workplace landscape has accelerated the demand for a new leadership profile. Modern day leaders will need to reinvent themselves with a focus on emotional intelligence, and soft skills development will be critical. Now in its tenth year, the CEO for One Month program is an excellent opportunity to identify, develop, and learn from, the leaders of tomorrow, as they prepare to lead in an uncertain future.”

The Global CEO for One Month 2020, Jordan Topoleski said:

“I am beyond happy to be the next CEO for One Month, especially in a company that is at the forefront of the current shifts taking place across the world of work. It is a historic and deeply challenging time to be a leader and I really look forward to further honing my own skills and helping shape the future of work.”

About CEO for One Month

The ‘CEO for One Month’ program began as a local initiative in Norway in 2011 and went global in 2014, since growing to become a flagship initiative for the Adecco Group. It supports high potential young people increase their employability and career prospects through highly effective work-based learning. It operates under the Adecco Group Foundation which aims to improve work readiness of young people and other underserved populations. Applications for the 2020 programme exceeded 200,000.





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