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Adecco commits to assisting 50,000 refugees in finding quality jobs by end of 2025
Adecco, a global leader in workforce solutions, is proud to announce its commitment to assist at least 50,000 refugees to find quality employment by end of 2025. This pledge is part of Adecco’s ongoing commitment to fostering inclusion and creating opportunities for individuals seeking to rebuild their lives.
June 19, 2023

Christophe Catoir, President Adecco, will announce to assist at least 50,000 refugees in finding quality jobs in 2025 at today’s global Tent European Business Summit. At least 10,000 individuals will benefit from up-/reskilling programs designed to build employability including language and professional training opportunities. This announcement reaffirms Adecco’s dedication to creating meaningful opportunities for those in need. Adecco has joined Tent Partnership for Refugees, a coalition of over 300 companies supporting refugees, in 2020.

“People never chose to become refugees, quite the opposite: they never have a choice,” says Christophe Catoir. “They have skills and potential, like every other individual. And by leveraging Adecco's expertise and global network, we can connect refugees with employers who recognize and appreciate their abilities". Recognizing the value of inclusion and its positive impact on individuals, companies, and society alike, Adecco has developed expertise in providing much needed employment opportunities for refugees. In 2022, Adecco assisted over 15,000 refugees in Europe find employment, helping them regain independence and contribute to their new communities. Additionally, Adecco launched in response to the conflict in Ukraine, connecting over 10,000 Ukrainian refugees with job opportunities.

Adecco’s ambition is to build employability for underserved and underprivileged populations, promoting diversity and equality in the workforce. In addition to supporting refugees, Adecco aims to facilitate employment for persons with disabilities, support disadvantaged youth in finding meaningful jobs, and address the challenges faced by the long-term unemployed. In an era of skills shortage faced by businesses worldwide, embracing inclusion by accessing untapped talent pools is crucial. Over the past decade, Adecco has collaborated with organizations such as the ILO, UNHCR, and the European Network Against Racism's Equal@Work Platform to facilitate job opportunities for the disadvantaged. 

About Adecco

Adecco is the leading global workforce solutions provider and part of the Adecco Group. As a trusted partner for businesses and jobseekers alike, we believe in connecting skills with rewarding opportunities while helping global and local organizations build and optimize their workforce for long-term success. We offer a full spectrum of workforce solutions for a resilient economy: Temporary and permanent placement as well as outsourcing solutions to provide ultimate flexibility for both, companies and candidates. Adecco provides jobs for more than 660,000 people daily and our ambition is to increase this number to 850,000 people in 2025. We are determined to play our part in changing the world of work for the better, providing effective solutions for making it a more diverse, inclusive place. 

About the Adecco Group

The Adecco Group is the world’s leading talent Company. Our purpose is making the future work for everyone. Through our three global business units - Adecco, Akkodis and LHH - across 60 countries, we enable sustainable and lifelong employability for individuals, deliver digital and engineering solutions to power the Smart Industry transformation and empower organisations to optimise their workforces. The Adecco Group leads by example and is committed to an inclusive culture, fostering sustainable employability, and supporting resilient economies and communities. The Adecco Group AG is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland (ISIN: CH0012138605) and listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (ADEN).

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