Workforce Transformation
Adecco appoints Ayumi Kunori as its group ‘CEO for one month’ 2015
The 21 year-old Japanese will gain unique insights into leading a Fortune 500 company alongside Group CEO Alain Dehaze.
September 2, 2015

Adecco Group, the world’s leading provider of HR solutions, today announced Ayumi Kunori as its 2015 Group ‘CEO for One Month.’ The 21 year-old Japanese will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to work alongside Group CEO Alain Dehaze, gaining a taste of how to run a €20 billion multinational company with 32,000 employees in 60 countries.

As Adecco’s ‘CEO for One Month’, Ayumi Kunori will have the chance to put herself to the test, participating in international business reviews, public events and client meetings between September 15 and October 15. At the end of the CEO ‘internship’, she will be offered her next step on the career ladder, with a job at Adecco suiting her skills, seniority and passion.

Record high jobless rates have affected the outlook for millions of young people in the world. Youth unemployment in Europe alone remains almost 22%, with peaks of over 48% in Spain and almost 52% in Greece. The evidence suggests inadequate job experience is a serious hurdle for youngsters striving to start their careers. Through its Way to WorkTM programme, Adecco has implemented meaningful initiatives to help young people gain essential labour market exposure to bolster their employability and career prospects. The programme offers career guidance and work-based training opportunities. In 2015 alone, the ‘Adecco Experiences’ have provided more than 2,000 internships and apprenticeships to young people around the world. For a selected group of talented youngsters, ‘CEO for One Month’ is a chance to hone skills and obtain unique work experience directly with Adecco’s top management team.

Selection for this year’s Group ‘CEO for One Month’ started in February. The initial screening covered some 18,000 applicants from all over the world. 34 were chosen to work alongside local Adecco Country Managers in their home countries. The top 10 were then invited to Madrid for the final challenge: the ‘CEO for One Month’ boot camp.

All 10 millennials showed exceptional flair for business, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Dick Boreel (Netherlands), Michelle Dyrby (Denmark), Ayumi Kunori (Japan), Ernesto Lamaina (Italy) and Marie Lusková (Czech Republic) reached the final top 5. But Ayumi Kunori stood out for her authenticity and humbleness, for her great empathy, and her readiness to take on big challenges, driven by big dreams and big goals.

“It has been a very challenging, tough and exciting opportunity for me to participate in the ‘CEO for One Month’ initiative”, said Ayumi Kunori. “I never thought I could join the final selection. I was challenging myself step by step to achieve the goals, and I made it. I still can’t believe I’ll be a ‘global CEO’ and could continue this amazing journey. I’m very much looking forward to working with Alain. Dream big, you can do it!”.

“I congratulate Ayumi on her success. Having demonstrated remarkable business qualities and human values, she will be able to train on the job with me and the strong Adecco team. She represents the real essence of this initiative and I look forward to learning all I can from such a millennial. Let me also congratulate and thank all our 34 young ‘CEOs for One Month’” said Alain Dehaze. “They all showed they are incredibly passionate people, guided by a strong purpose and delivering outstanding performance. In my experience these are key ingredients for success. Adecco is proud to have them in our community and will keep supporting them in their careers”.