Every year a group of colleagues and associates around the world are selected as Win4Youth Wellbeing Ambassadors. You will face a highlight challenge with our annual main triathlon event – likely the sporting experience of their lives! During this 2 year experience, you will become the face of wellbeing in the group, inspire our colleague to take care of their wellbeing and develop the program within the organization.

This could be you! Come and join us!

If you’re a colleague or an associate at the Adecco Group, you still have time to put yourself forward to become a Win4Youth ambassador.

Our ambassadors are selected from hundreds of applicants all over the world to represent the Win4Youth program and overcome the challenge of their lives. A group of 70 ambassadors from around the globe will participate in the Olympic distance Triathlon in Lanzarote, sponsored by Ocean Lava. [November 22nd].

If you’re selected as an ambassador, you’ll join a virtual professional sports training camp in May 2022 and receive a detailed training plan and professional coach to prepare you for the challenge ahead. Previous ambassadors tell us it’s a life-changing experience and one you don’t want to miss!

What does it take to become an ambassador?

  • You are ready to engage yourself in a 2-year experience to develop the wellbeing at the Adecco group.
  • You speak English well enough to follow training and safety instructions in English, you can have a basic conversation with someone else in English.
  • You are available to attend both the virtual boot camp (May 11-13) and main event dates (October 17-22).
  • You don’t need to be an athlete. You do NOT need to be an expert in swimming, biking or running: motivation to practice and persistence to overcome yourself is enough!
  • It needs to be your first Triathlon!
  • You are ready to be the wellbeing relay of communication in your country.
  • You are ready to share your journey on social media to raise awareness and inspire our colleagues.

Apply to be an ambassador

For becoming an ambassador, you need to:

* Organise a wellbeing local Win4Youth event
* Organise a charity event including fundraising for a local foundation
* Submit a motivational statement letter

The application process starts on January 3rd and ends on February 25th. Good luck!

Please get in touch with your local Win4Youth Coordinator for the application form.

We evaluate applications based on performance in five areas:

  1. Strength of the motivational statement
  2. Total fundraised through local event
  3. Engagement with clients, associates and cross-functional colleagues
  4. Social media activity
  5. Scope of locally organised Win4Youth event

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