We believe in talent, not labels. We envision a world where everyone has a chance to be part of the future of work.

As a people business, our expertise and energy are always going into improving everyone’s chances of being part of the world of work. Our people are at the core of our business.
We are dedicated to creating an inclusive culture for everyone to feel supported in their day-to-day work and during their development throughout their career. We seek to foster a culture of belonging and purpose, an environment where everyone can thrive and feel engaged, and where difference is respected and valued.
Our commitment is to provide equal opportunity regardless of, for example, your gender, age, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or beliefs. We also engage with employers to develop programmes and pathways that embrace diverse talent and promote more inclusive employment worldwide through partnerships and other initiatives.
We recognise and celebrate the value of difference and how it makes us faster, smarter and more innovative than our competition.

Our strategy

Our goal is to establish and sustain a culture of belonging, trust and participation. Here’s how we are doing it.

Attract, recruit and retain a diverse range of talent

Bringing more perspectives, experience and skillsets into our business to create better results for our clients and customers.

Drive a consciously inclusive culture through our behaviours and actions

We are ensuring diverse thinking is respected, managed, heard and applied.

Enable accessibility and equality for all

We are minimising barriers in order to maximize our collective potential for success.

Put wellbeing at the heart of everything we do

We place value on mental, physical and cultural wellbeing and providing services and support appropriate for needs of everyone in the Adecco Group.

Our global partnerships, associations and initiatives

We lead by example – enabling people to gain better access to the jobs and prospects they deserve. We engage with employers to develop programmes and pathways that embrace diverse talent. And we campaign for more inclusive employment worldwide through a range of global partnerships, associations and other initiatives, including:

  • Paradigm for Parity

    A business coalition focused on eliminating the gender gap in corporate leadership. We are committed to achieve gender parity in leadership levels by 2030.

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  • Valuable 500

    Putting disability inclusion on the global business leadership agenda that we joined in 2019. Hundreds of global leaders are uniting to unlock the business, social and economic value of the 1.3 billion people living with disabilities around the world. As part of our commitment, we will continue to champion the integration of people with a disability in the labour market, help them overcome barriers to enter the workforce by strengthening their employability, and progressively adapt our own employment policies and practices to reduce barriers to the inclusion of people with a disability in the world of work.

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  • ILO Global Business and Disability Network (GBDN)

    A unique platform for business-to-business support and peer-to-peer learning to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in workplaces and on whose Steering Committee we sit.

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  • European Network Against Racism’s Equal@work

    A multi-stakeholder network that brings together businesses, social partners, NGOs, public authorities and academics committed to diversity and inclusion, to find solutions for the participation of ethnic minorities and migrants in the labour market.

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  • Tent Partnership for Refugees

    Tent was founded to mobilise the private sector to improve the lives and livelihoods of more than 25 million men, women and children forcibly displaced from their home countries, by helping businesses identify and understand opportunities to help refugees. As one of the largest employers in the world, we believe work is a social integrator and recognise the opportunity and responsibility we have to contribute to the labour market integration of refugees.

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  • World Employment Confederation (WEC)

    As a founding member of the WEC, the global representative body of the private employment sector, we champion labour market legislation, access and rights for the world of work, quality standards for the recruitment industry, as well as social dialogue with key labour market participants.

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