The Adecco Group aims to make the future work for everyone. In order to do so effectively, efficiently and sustainably for the benefit of all stakeholders, we are impacted by how governments set up an enabling environment, crafting balanced policy and ensuring well-structured and functioning labour markets. Therefore, the Group Public Affairs connects and engages with key institutional stakeholders and relevant policymakers to create the most favourable environment to have a thriving labour market.  We advocate to global, regional and local institutional stakeholders about the need to enable open and flexible labour markets that can provide opportunities and protections for all types of workers.

Policies and Guidelines


Our policies and guidelines are a key element of our approach to responsible business conduct. They define how we want to do our business, how we liaise with our stakeholders and what we expect of ourselves and our business partners throughout the world.


You can consult our Public Affairs Principles here.

You can consult our Public Affairs Guidelines here.

Our stakeholders

The Group Public Affairs engages with multiple institutional stakeholders and partners at the global, regional and national levels to support the industry leadership role and business goals. In the chart you can find an overview of the relevant stakeholders:


As a founding member of the global industry confederation of private employment service providers, World Employment Confederation (WEC), we are actively engaged in advocating for well-regulated labour markets, enabling work, security, adaptation and prosperity. The Adecco Group Head of Public Affairs Bettina Schaller acts as President of the World Employment Confederation since October 2020.

Furthermore, we are closely collaborating with a number of social partners, including the International Organisation of Employers (IOE), BusinessEurope, the B20, Business at OECD, as well as with trade union counterparts.

The Adecco Group is also a member of the GAN- Global Apprenticeship Network, whose aim is to empower people and businesses by promoting and advocating for the uptake of work-based learning including apprenticeships, as a way to address the mismatch between the skills people have and the skills employers need.

The importance of the Group’s engagement towards shaping the appropriate policy framework is reflected in Alain Dehaze’s participation in the International Labour Organization (ILO) Global Commission on the Future of Work, which delivered its report to the ILO on January 2019.

Key publications

We enable millions of careers every year. This provides us with unique access to and understanding of the world of work, the labour markets both locally and globally, and related topics. It is our ambition to use this deep market expertise and these unique insights to guide public, private and social sectors on the future of work, and the challenges associated with it. To find long-term, sustainable solutions, we aim to engage in open, constructive discussions and be transparent about our views.

The following provides a selection of position papers and recent publications on key issues around three crucial topics: the New World of Work, Employability & Skills, and the Regulatory Framework.

The New World of Work:

-Work and security in the age of platforms

-Defending Worker’s Rights

-Flexible Working

-Resetting normal: Defining the new era of work

-Time to Act: The new social contract for a world of work that works for everyone

Employability & Skills:

-Skills for the Green Economy

-Employability, not only employment

-The new ROI: A Return on Individuals

-Individual Learning Accounts

-Youth Employability Solutions Infosheet

Regulatory Framework:

-Comparing the outcomes of governments’ responses to Covid-19: Analysis of January 2022

-Delivery Pending: How to drive a better instant delivery platforms world of work

-Comparing the outcomes of governments’ responses to Covid-19: Analysis of October 2020

-The cooperation imperative in the Reset Normal

-Talent Mobility and Migration

Our Team

Bettina Schaller – Group SVP, Director of Group Public Affairs

Bettina is also the President of the World Employment Confederation.

Menno Bart – Group Public Affairs Manager

Menno Bart also holds a number of mandates at the World Employment Confederation (WEC). He is Chair of the Public Affairs Committee and member of the Executive Committee at the World Employment Confederation - Europe, as well as Board Member of the World Employment Confederation.