Returning to work, safely

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The post-pandemic world of work

The impact of Covid-19 has changed our lives and our day-to-day existence has been turned upside down. Throughout the crisis our focus has been on securing the wellbeing and safety of our colleagues and associates and ensuring business continuity for our clients.

We have been able to mobilise more than 30,000 of our people to work from home, and where we have offices still open, we have re-configured workspaces and made protective equipment available, to ensure that people are safe.

With more than 400,000 associates at work each day, we are continuing to help individuals find work and help our clients to meet their human capital needs.

And we are playing a leading role in helping the world get back to work safely; as a founding member of the HR solutions industry alliance to develop clear health and safety protocols for Covid-19.

With the situation now beginning to improve in some countries, we want to ensure that you can access work safely, and we want to support you in adapting to the longer-term impacts of the crisis.