Innovation With AGX

AGX is at the centre of our digital strategy

Adecco Group X (AGX) leverages the scale, footprint and expertise of the Adecco Group to develop new products while scanning the market for new innovations that solve the challenges faced by companies and job seekers today and tomorrow.

The world of HR is being radically transformed by technology. Companies looking for talent and individuals searching for work want to access employment services online or through an app, and they expect technology to make everything more efficient, effective and enjoyable. The digital experience has taken centre stage in the HR arena.

At the Adecco Group, we are leading the market in embracing innovation and technology to deliver a cutting edge range of digital services, from job search apps to virtual reality training to set the agenda and to give our clients and candidates the edge.

It’s about investing in disruption, being flexible and open-minded, finding start-ups with visionary ideas and supporting them, working with bigger companies to combine our unique strengths, buying ready-made products: keeping the pipeline of innovation flowing.

From tiny start-ups to huge software houses, our partners already range from small businesses to giants such as Infosys and Microsoft. With 60 years of market experience and profound local knowledge in territories from Japan to Mauritius, along with an in-depth understanding of labour laws and working practices, the Adecco Group has used its expertise to become the digital pioneer in the world of work.

Once new ventures are identified, AGX nurtures them and transforms them into products and services that can be rolled out across the Adecco Group universe, bringing the boundless promise of technology and creativity to our everyday services and operations.

Meet our digital ventures at HR Tech World

Many more breakthroughs are on the way. Through our passion for innovation and investing in great ideas and technology, the Adecco Group is making the future work for everyone.