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You are our greatest asset. We don’t care what you are. We care about who you are.

We deal with people of all ages, of all abilities, from all walks of life, every single day. And that’s why we’re determined to have an inclusive workforce that reflects what our business is about. People.

We respect and value the different life experiences our people bring to our business. No matter what your nationality, gender, race or religion, if you can make a positive impact in your role then it’s your skills that matter. And nothing else.

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Ahmed Sabaa Group Executive Compensation Analyst Employee since 2016 Switzerland

“And they said Utopia doesn’t exist, welcome to Adecco.”

I never thought team integration could reach such level as we have here in Adecco, one big happy family. Coming every day to work here is like opening up to a whole world of new opportunities… and they said Utopia doesn’t exist, welcome to Adecco.