Capital Markets Day 2017
"The future of work is now"

It’s fuelled by talent, driven by rapidly evolving technology, and shaped by disruption. It demands change - and action.

On September 22, 2017, The Adecco Group will lay out its vision and strategy for the future world of work as the global leader in human capital networks. It’s about empowering our candidates, serving and inspiring our clients, and embracing innovation and performance to capture the potential of the new digital age.

Our Capital Markets Day in London will give stakeholders a clear insight into our ambitions and strategy, including showcases of digital investments, that will cement our position as a global leader while fostering new opportunities for growth and influence.

At The Adecco Group, we understand that we cannot stand still if we want to succeed in a constantly changing global economy. We have to lead from the front.

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We have grown, developed, innovated, influenced and played a major role in transforming an entire industry. And will continue to do so.

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