We scan: social radar

Our social radar scours, searches, and interprets data and insights to identify underserved populations and the many barriers that keep them from work.


Objective: to identify the highest innovation potential for underserved populations with the objective of developing insights and recommendations for the Social Innovation project pipeline and the Foundation's research agenda.


Background research and data sources allow us to identify the drivers that make youth more prone to long-term unemployment, discouragement, inactivity, and other labour market problems.


Based on data and studies from pilot countries, we identify weak signals that can help us predict the future employment situation of youth.

Sense testing

For each weak signal, we identify a challenge which may require different types of solutions.


Narrowing down the identified challenges to those with the highest innovation potential by applying these 5 filters:

  • future orientation

  • innovation potential

  • scale and scalability

  • current landscape

  • social impact potential


Using social media data crawling, combined with expert and youth interviews, we confirm the relevance of the selected challenges.

Data Feeds

The Innovation Foundation’s Social Radar uses a combination of public, proprietary, and social data feeds in order to generate the right insights needed for the Social Innovation Lab.


Our Braintrust is a group of experts with solid experience working with data and a deep understanding of the challenges that underserved populations face. They represent geographical and thematic diversity of insights, which helps to enrich the work we do. We get together regularly to evaluate the data, share knowledge, identify potential weak signals, and develop a possible direction to move in for creating solutions.