We scale: accelerator 

Our accelerator prepares the most promising prototypes for growth, with release strategies created in collaboration with our partners. We use test-and-learn methodologies to grow and make a scalable impact, always feeding back into our Social Radar knowledge.

Objective: to further develop and test the most promising prototypes, ensuring they are ready to be taken forward with partners, via co-funding.

Partner recruitment

We invite relevant, value adding partners to accelerate the launch of our prototypes, joining any partners present from the previous phase.

Round 1

Build, test, and prioritize.

Round 2

Refine and market test.

Round 3

Prepare for implementation.


Final products are prepared to implement with partners.



Alongside the main projects, we keep a space called the Sandbox to test out possible topics and ideas before investing in full-fledged projects. These include small feasibility studies, pilots, or minor research into things we might develop further in the future. This increases our ability to test new ideas quickly, prioritise, and learn what works and what doesn’t on the fly.