We build: innovation space

Together with commercial, innovation and policymaking partners around the world, we develop social solutions and applications in our innovation space that break down the barriers.  

Needs finding and research

Who are we designing solutions for? What are their real, underlying needs? What data do we have or need? What is the landscape of existing solutions?


What could be possible solutions? What data and insight do we need? How do we apply the learnings?


Which solutions are most viable? Who will build them? How will they be implemented? How can we create pull? Our 3-6 most promising prototypes then go on to the accelerator, in the “scale” phase.

Project Working Groups

Once the challenges have been identified, we begin the work needed to co-create solutions. Project Working Groups – the engine for designing and developing solutions into working prototypes – are integral. This multi-stakeholder group, including end-users, works to ideate, co-create, and prototype solutions through a human-centred, design-thinking process.

Focus Groups

This is what design thinking is all about – with the end-users’ needs at the heart of it all. Focus Groups are essential for the validation of our proposed solutions. We test and re-test with them to be sure that their needs are being met and that the solution is practical, viable, and sustainable.