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Latest Publications

Build: Methodology for Social Innovation Ideation

The Build phase of our methodology features a Multistakeholder Working Group, design workshop, and on-the-ground end-user testing – resulting in 2 to 3 possible solution concepts that we believe merit building into full solutions.

Job Pivots for Mature Workers

The Innovation Foundation provides information that can help mature working individuals seeking to make a job pivot as well as labour market professionals who are working to support them. We do this by drawing on the lived experience of mature workers from one-on-one interviews, focus group discussions, and secondary data. 






Unretirement Paper

Unretirement is defined as the phenomenon of returning to work after formal retirement. It is a growing trend among people with different skill levels, family compositions, marital status, and socioeconomic status. This report – from the Innovation Foundation in partnership with the Horizon Group – examines the growing trend of mature workers unretiring, either by choice or out of necessity, and aims to further understand this relatively new feature of the employment landscape, including how it differs for various groups, across various countries.


2022 Innovation Foundation Annual Report

This annual report focuses on our first full year operating as a pure Social Innovation Lab, under our new name, with our revised vision and mission, and brings to life our refreshed branding. It shows our unique positioning within the complex word of civil society and gives updates on the first three projects going through our own Scan, Build, Scale methodology.



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