Unveiling our 2023 Research

Introducing...What's Working? Navigating the AI Revolution and the Shifting Future of Work. Our fourth annual global workforce study, out now, speaks with more than 30,000 workers across 23 countries about Generative AI, wellbeing, burnout, and the fast-moving future of work. 


We all know the world of work landscape is shifting, and fast. Our research provides actionable insights for leaders and organizations to build a future-ready workforce and drive transformation in the ever-changing landscape.


Below, watch our webinar launching the research for key insights from leaders across the world of work, from Bank of America to Microsoft.

First Look: Our Insights at a Glance

Among other topics, What’s Working? explores the impact of AI in the workplace – and how workers truly feel about it. Our research found most workers do feel optimistic about the impact of AI on the future of work, but they need support from their employers with upskilling and further guidance.


Explore some more of the key findings below.

Dive into the Details

Looking for more insight? Leaders across the world will gather to unveil the research, discuss pressing trends across the world of work and understand how leaders can take these insights forward and incorporate them into talent discussions and business strategies.

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