Carrera de las Capacidades in the Basque Country

Carrera de las Capacidades in the Basque Country

A race in honour of abilities.

The 8th Carrera de las Capacidades took place in Alcobendas, Madrid, on June 11th. The purpose of the day was to raise awareness around sports, diversity & inclusion. They have involved 750 people with all abilities from 20 different companies, including The Adecco Group (TAG) and the Spanish Foundation. Enrique Sánchez, Regional Head of TAG Iberia & Latin America; Iker Barricat, CFO; Encarna Maroño, Chief HR Officer; Iria Vázquez, Service & Quality Manager, attended the Carrera de las Capacidades in Madrid with 85 volunteers from our company.

Enrique Sánchez opened the race and ran the whole circuit with people of all abilities while breaking all stereotypes and crossed the finish line with them.

“The Adecco Group and our Foundation have been, once more, supporting those who really need us. This event could only be realised thanks to the help of more than 80 volunteers from TAG. It was a unique experience for us to be able to enjoy a sports & inclusion day with our Adecco Group colleagues and their families. I am proud of all the exposure we’ve got and of having the chance to share that time with so many colleagues helping people with disabilities. TAG managed again to create great team spirit by including everyone and doing sports for a good cause”.

Enrique Sánchez, Regional Head of The Adecco Group Iberia & Latin America.

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