Event in the United Kingdom

As part of the 2018 Global Sports and Inclusion Day, we will meet at Holmes Place Fitness for a day of sports. Join us and take advantage of this day to broaden your experience through sport, enjoy a good time with your colleagues and clients.

When: June 15th, All day

Where: Fitness First gym at MBH head office, 95 Queen Victoria St, London EC4V 4HN

Events in the United Kingdom

July 18, London.

In our London head office we will be hosting a number of events throughout the day, these will include group walks and runs, aerobic activities and the option to try new sports. Our colleagues throughout the county will all host their own activities within their branches and offices. We have engaged with the British Olympic Committee to encourage athletes to support the day.

Location: Millennium Bridge House, 2 Lambeth Hill, London, EC4V 4BG

Event details

On the programme: Circuits, Spinning and bootcamp classes will be offered, and our colleagues from at the Head Office will be granted full access to the gym, all day.

Registration: For additional information and registrations, please contact harriet.ross@adecco.co.uk