Event in Korea

Join us to the second edition of the GS&ID. We will dedicate a day in presence of high profile athletes, during which you will be able to experience many sports. This is a special occasion to have an enjoyable time with colleagues and clients and to broaden your experiences through sports. We hope to see you on June 15th to share our passion for sports with you.

When: July 6th, all day.

Where: Naksanbeach, 73, NakSanSa-Ro, JeonJin-Ri, GangHyeon-Myeon, YangYang-Gun, GangWon-Do, Republic of Korea

Events in Korea

July 18, Seoul.

The GS&ID in Korea is to make a difference in people’s lives and to drive inclusion through sports. We are providing a programme that includes bowling and running.

Event details:

Registration: For more information about the day and registrations, please contact sunny.jin@adecco.com.

On the Programme: Many sports such as running, cycling, swimming and surfing will be offered and external speakers will be present to talk about the subject of inclusion.

Event details

Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea