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Join us at the Centro Sportivo di Gorle in Bergamo, for the 2018 edition of the Global Sports & Inclusion Day. Experience inclusion through sports by participating to our organized Football, Volleyball or Handbike activities. Guest speakers will be present to share important insights on the subject and make this experience a worthwhile one for you.

When: June 14, starting at 5:30 pm

Where: Centro sportivo di Gorle, Street Roma 2, 24020 Gorle (BG)

Events in Italy

June 16, Rome.

On Friday, June 16 2017, the Italian Adecco Foundation in collaboration with the Adecco Group Italy, organised a football, tennis and volley competition that involved more than 150 players, coming from the 13 companies involved in the competition (Mc Bride, Besenzoni, Color-fer/Selini Group, Hanes Italia, Foppapedretti, IVS Italia, Comac, Burlodge and Fonderie Mazzucconi).

The competition took place in Bergamo (North of Italy). The event was a very important project of social responsibility, because the aim was to inform all the participants about 'Sport for Change' a social project lead by the Italian Adecco Foundation and Milan Foundation to help NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training), to get a job and to enhance their talent. Following the 'Sport for change' event, we organized an internal 'edubreak' in the week of June 22, aimed to explain the project 'Sport for Change' with Adecco Foundation and Milan Foundation with the support of the respective project managers.

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Registration: To participate to this event, please contact: Chiara Bonacina - Branch Manager of Seriate (Bergamo). Chiara.Bonacina@adecco.it.

Event details

Centro Sportivo di Gorle, Bergamo Street Roma, 2, 24020 Gorle BG