Event in China

To reach a maximum of people in China, we will organize two separate events for the 2018 GS&ID. Join us upon your location to discover the joy of sport, listen to inspirational speakers and dive into the subject of inclusion.

When: June 15, 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Location 1: Shanghai Huangpu football pitch, 1353 Waimalu Road,Shanghai
Location 2: Suzhou Jinji Lake, 1 Guanfeng Road,Suzhou

Events in China

July 18, Shanghai.

Colleagues and clients have the chance to spend the day together while swimming, biking and cycling as one big team. Don’t miss this opportunity and join them to #BeMore

Event details

On the Program: You will be able to participate to some Football and group running, as well as meet a former Tennis champion who will speak about the subject of diversity and inclusion.

Registration: Please, register on the following link: https://www.wenjuan.in/s/2U3yIn/.

Event details


July 18, Shanghai, Lobby, Jiu Shi Podium Building.