Event in Chile

Take part to the 2018 GS&ID at the beautiful building of the Olympic Committee of Chile. During that event, you will be able to discover and experience many sports such as Baby Soccer, Judo, Zumba, handball and much more…. This is an occasion to share good moment with colleagues and clients and broaden your experiences through sports.

When: 15th June, from 3pm to 6pm

Where: Building of the Olympic committee of Chile

Event in Chile

July 18, Tokyo & Fukishima.

The Adecco Group Japan will hold a marathon-running event throughout the country for two days.

Event details

On the program: Baby Soccer, Table Tennis, Judo, Zumba, Handball, Gymnastic and much more.

Registration: To receive more info about the events or to register, please contact Mauricio Liani senden@Mauricio.Liani@adecco.com