Event in Argentina

Join us for the 2018 Global Sports & Inclusion Day! Experience some new sports in company of your Colleagues and Clients, and get inspired by our elite athletes who will be there to share their stories and help provide you an incredible experience.

When: June 8th, 10am – 5pm

Where: SportClub Obras, Del Libertador Ave & Miguel B. Sánchez St, CABA

Events in Argentina

July 18, Buenos Aires City

For the start a Zumba session will held to warm up before every participant can choose between 6 different sports that will be taught by Paralympic and Olympic Athletes. The six sports that will be offered are swimming, running, cycling, fencing, boxing, playing soccer, tennis or Ping Pong.

Event details

On the Programme: Boxing, Swimming, Cycling, Football and much more will be on the programme for the 2018 GS&ID. We will also organize workshops about health and vitality. High profile athletes will be present as guest speakers and available to coach you and offer you tips in the various sporting activities.

Registration: For more information about the day and registrations, please contact Carolina Carolina.Brana@adecco.com.

Event details

SportClub Obras Libertador
7395 Del Libertador Av.
Buenos Aires City