This week, is hybrid work really working? The surprising thoughts from Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman. Plus, companies covering travel expenses for employees seeking abortions, the concept of two CEOs, and the power of returnships. Read this week’s trends from the world of work.

Hybird work has long divided those picturing the future of work. But Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman has a new perspective on it: “the worst of both worlds.”

What else matters this week?

Are “workcations” truly vacations?

Sweden and Finland are one step closer to joining Nato.

How to train ourselves to be happier human beings.

Bosses are learning more about the “magic window” for retaining workers: 90 days.

Data isn’t everything in business, an essay published by author Roger Martin argues.

We’ve got a full breakdown of all the top headlines you can’t miss this week.

#1. Hybrid work is “the hell of half measures,” says Yelp CEO.

Hybrid work has long divided executives and those imagining the future of work. Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman has a new perspective on it: “the worst of both worlds.” In an interview with the Washington Post, Stoppelman says that only 1% of his more than 4,000 employees go to the office every day. It’s a “hell of half measures,” the CEO says, adding that a company can still create a fun atmosphere and vibrant company culture with remote work. That’s why his company is going to slowly start shutting down offices and move to a fully remote structure over time. Read more here.

Photo: Kampus Production via Pexels

#2. Companies across the U.S. will cover travel expenses for employee abortions.

Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling last week that ended federal abortion rights, several major companies have opted to step in and help their workers access health care services. Organizations like Starbucks, Yelp, Tesla, Airbnb, Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, and more released statements reaffirming their commitment to help employees gain access to services they might not be able to get in their own state.

Read more here.

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#3. EU backs 40% renewables goal by 2030.

European Union ministers have moved towards a plan to raise the share of renewables in the bloc’s energy mix to 40% by 2030. In the EU, energy production and use are responsible for 75% of the bloc’s emissions. According to a Reuters report, the new objective is up from 22% in 2020 and will be couples with a plan to cut energy consumption by 9% at the end of the decade. The proposal will be under final review later this year. Read more here.

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#4. Are two heads indeed better than one?

Is it time to say goodbye to the single leader? A new study published in Harvard Business Review found that 87 companies with co-chiefs generated above-average shareholder return. In fact, 60% outperformed their relevant stock indexes. Precautions are needed, of course, the report points out, but splitting the role may allow for more diverse competencies and better fielding the tasks. Read more here.

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#5. Too old for an internship? Try a returnship.

A wave of sixty- and seventy-year-olds are thriving in part-time, contract and project-based work as returnships gain popularity. During the pandemic, these older workers opted to retire…but many moved back into the workforce, slowly, with short-term gigs that help keep them engaged and earning a little bit of pocket change.

“The difference is I’m not trying to build or advance my career,” 65-year-old Chris told Bloomberg. “I don’t mind going 110% for a month. But I wouldn’t want to do that as a full-time job.” Read more here.

Photo: Carter Yocham via Unsplash

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