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 We all reach those moments in our careers where the big questions can no longer be ignored. What's next for me in my career? Is there an opportunity for me to do something different? Take on new challenges? What kind of company do I want to work for? What kind of boss Is right for me?


Whether leaving a position on your own or if you’ve been let go, you’ll want to ask yourself these questions. As you get ready for the next stage of your career journey, have a candid conversation with yourself – about what you want and how exactly you’ll take control of your career. Even if you’re just at the very beginning of “what’s next,” assessing where you are and where you want to go will move you that much closer to finding a new job, landing a promotion, starting a lucrative side hustle, or reinventing yourself altogether.


But there’s no denying that today’s professional landscape looks very different than previous years. A global pandemic, a more volatile economy, and sociocultural forces have all converged to create uncertainty. But don’t let this deter you from making your next play.


The opportunities are there. However, with technology displacing some jobs, augmenting others and creating whole new roles, you need to think about how to future proof your career. The good news? With online learning resources, it’s never been easier to refresh what you know and expand even more. Yet the new skills go beyond the tactical. You’ve heard that information is power but in today’s landscape, being agile, resilient and willing to learn is the real power.


It’s also important to have perspective on the major workplace and hiring trends—plus how they might affect you. In the pages that follow, you’ll find a detailed look into these workplace trends, the outlook for specific industries, and the skills you’ll need to support your next move. You’re on your way to taking ownership of your career path and making it a very rewarding experience.


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