This year's Pride Month is like no other, happening in the context of a global pandemic and a powerful, widespread movement with a clear aim: to dismantle systematic inequality across the world.

This June we welcome Pride Month, when the world’s LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer+) communities and allies come together and celebrate the freedom to be themselves. But this is perhaps a Pride Month like no other, happening in the context of a global pandemic and a powerful, widespread movement with a clear aim: to dismantle systematic inequality across the world.

As we continue the conversation around inclusion in the workplace, we reinforce the significance of providing an open and trusted forum where our people can share, listen and learn from others. As a company, we have a clear and strong purpose: Making the future work for everyone. Our business is all about people and we expect all of our colleagues to play an active role in making the Adecco Group an inclusive place to work where everyone is enabled and empowered to be their best.

Why June?

June is when the Stonewall Riots took place, back in 1969. Riots and demonstrations against the justice system that served as a catalyst for the rights of the LGBT community. A movement that also began with protests by communities who fought hard for their lack of fundamental rights to be recognised, and to end discrimination. Over the years since the event, many organisations have been formed across the world to raise political and social awareness of the current issues facing the community.

Movements like Black Lives Matter and the concept of Pride rely on a simple idea: a society is only as great as it treats all of its people. This moment is about unity.

Whilst physical togetherness will not be a feature of this year’s celebrations, the sentiment and advocation of solidarity is no less significant. With technology this could arguably be the most inclusive Pride Month ever with opportunity across the world to connect, celebrate and remind members and allies that they are not alone.

Global Pride Livestream

On Saturday 27 June, Pride organisations from across the world will celebrate Global Pride 2020. With musical and artistic performances, speeches from activists and campaigners, and addresses by public figures, Global Pride will be live-streamed for 24 hours sharing content that reflects and celebrates the beautiful diversity of LGBTQ+ people everywhere. Find out more.

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