Increasingly prevalent in every aspect of our lives, social networks are shaping lots of new roles: from Gif designers to TikTok managers, these are just some of the careers of the future.

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We have frequently been told that many of the jobs of the future have not been invented yet, that the impact of digitalisation, artificial intelligence and machine learning is still largely unknown and as many of today’s jobs become obsolete, millions of professionals will find jobs in the digital world.


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But if we look more closely, we see that to some extent the future is already here and it rests on the platforms that each one of us uses every day: social networking sites. That is why Fiverr, a company that connects businesses and freelancers, has drawn up a list of new jobs that are taking shape as we speak and are destined to become even more commonplace, especially after the pandemic.


Some are intriguing while others are perhaps unsurprising. Here they are.


Gif designer

Moving images, typically making reference to pop culture, the cinema and old jokes that we send to express emotions when we lack the words, are increasingly popular in the world of social networks. So much so that gif designers are in ever greater demand - experts who can create unique customised content for a variety of platforms like Instagram, TikTok and WhatsApp. But in actual fact, they are a really useful tool for brands and for personalising messages. Suffice to say that Fiverr has calculated that the demand for Gif experts has increased globally by 73% and by as much as 208% in Italy. If you have a creative vein and enjoy tinkering on a computer then this could be the job for you.


Developers of Instagram filters

Another trend that is all the rage on social networks, especially on Instagram – the social network for images par excellence – is the use of filters, photographic filters with special effects accompanied by music and more besides. Here too you can let your creativity run wild and there is a growing demand for Instagram filter developers. According to Fiverr, demand for this role has increased worldwide by 109% and by 84% in Italy: the job lies somewhere between a developer and a designer which is likely to be attractive to many people.

“The demand for TikTok managers in Italy has

increased by 172% and by 200% globally.”

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TikTok manager

The so-called Generation Z, those born between 1995 and 2010 and the largest group of users of the latest newcomer to the social network landscape, is a generation that is allergic to traditional advertising and turns to social media as a source of entertainment. That’s why the marketing mission of a TikTok manager is a very tricky one: to provide content that matches the style and the messaging that most captivate a younger audience, shying away from merely promoting a product and aiming instead to engage and amuse. According to Fiverr’s statistics, in Italy demand for this profile has increased by 172% and by 200% globally.


Motion designer

We all know that the world of social media and the web in general contain more images than words. That’s why a motion designer, an expert in animation, graphics, title sequences and anything that moves digitally, is today becoming an ever more essential role for companies. The personalisation of brands and engaging with users on various platforms, even dear old YouTube, is evolving. This is surely one to watch in the years to come.


Facebook Messenger chatbot designer

One of the most prominent trends in social media is the use of chatbots, artificial intelligence able to automatically answer questions from individual users and guide them through websites. Experts who can develop these automated dialogue systems are becoming essential, at a time when customer care services are turning to automation. These chatbots are already becoming so sophisticated that you cannot tell if you are speaking with a person or a machine.


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