The Fastest Growing Jobs In 2022, According To LinkedIn

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The LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise list for 2022 has revealed the 25 fastest-growing jobs over the past five years and the career trends that will shape the future of work.
February 15, 2022
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The future of jobs will look a lot different in the next five years. The world of work is fast shifting: in addition to industry disruptions caused by technological advances, workers are also leaving their jobs in search of new opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic has further intensified this trend.

Looking for a career in a fast-growing job? The LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise list for 2022 has revealed the 25 fastest-growing jobs in the U.S. over the past five years and the career trends that will shape the future of work. To identify the jobs experiencing the highest growth rates, the LinkedIn Economic Graph researchers collected data and examined millions of jobs generated by LinkedIn members between 1 January 2017 and 31 July 2021.

While wages have increased and unemployment continues to fall, professionals are wondering what the future of work will bring. If you're looking for long-term opportunities or developing skills to prepare you for the future, here's a look at trending career opportunities.

Here are the top 10 fastest-growing jobs in the U.S.

#1. Vaccine specialists

At the top of the list are vaccine specialists, with 63% of positions occupied by women. Associated roles include vaccine sales managers, vaccine experts, vaccine coordinators and vaccine administrators. Vaccine specialists support the production, distribution and patient education of vaccinations across a broad range of functions, including medical sales, community outreach and clinical operations. Sales effectiveness, pharmaceutical sales and knowing how to launch a product are typical skills.  

#2. Diversity and inclusion managers

A diversity and inclusion manager is responsible for leading initiatives that improve diversity, equity and inclusion within a company. Among the most common skills required for this role are diversity programme development, community outreach, and leadership development. The gender distribution is 71.2% females and 29.8% males. 

#3. Customer marketing managers

Marketing managers work between marketing and sales departments to develop and implement customer engagement programmes. Customer insight, marketing strategy and competitive analysis are among the most commonly needed skills. It is interesting to note that in the top five ranking, customer marketing manager positions offer the highest remote work probability, at just over 30%.

#4. Machine learning engineers

Engineers specialising in machine learning create self-running artificial intelligence algorithms for products and applications. Common skills include deep learning, TensorFlow and Python. Salaries range from $72,600 to $170,000. 

#5. Process development scientists

Researchers and development scientists work on improving existing processes and developing new ones. Common skills include purification, cell culture and bioreactors. Product development scientists and manufacturing scientists are just two of the associated positions. This role offers the lowest remote work possibility in the top 5, at 1.2%.

Business development representatives, search marketing managers, UX researchers, business system administrators and analyst relations specialists complete the top ten.

#6. Business development representatives

In this list of 25, the business development representatives have the lowest minimum salary ($35,000). In the early stages of their careers, sales professionals identify and approach prospective clients, using skills such as, cold calling and SaaS.

#7. Search marketing managers

Other related titles include paid search managers and search engine marketing (SEM) managers.
Search marketing managers develop paid search campaigns across digital channels to promote the
adoption of a product or service. 31.2% of these jobs are available remotely.

#8. UX researchers

The goal of user experience researchers is to improve business strategy and product development by tracking users' motivations, preferences and behaviours. The end salary ($151,000) is among the highest, and the remote work level is at 35.4%.  

#9. Business system administrators

With a high chance of remote work (44.9%), an organisation's business system administrator installs, maintains and upgrades all the company's hardware and software. Computer systems administrators and network administrators are related titles.

#10. Analyst relations specialists

An analyst relations specialist serves as a liaison between a company's marketing team or executive leadership and industry analysts or independent research/consulting firms. The possibility of remote work is 9.3%, and typical skills include investor relations, labour relations and financial modelling.

Technical product managers, financial directors, talent acquisition specialists, medical nurses, and back-end developers make up the top 15, followed by mergers and acquisitions (M&A) managers, postpartum nurses, enterprise account directors, customer solutions engineers, and land development managers.

Site reliability engineers, molecular biologists, heads of sales operations, strategic sales specialists, and chief human resources officers (CHROs) occupy the last five positions in this survey. 

Whether you’re looking for a career change, want to return to the workforce, or aim to invest in skills to prepare you for your next step, this list offers insight into where the job market is going and where long-term opportunities may lie, according to LinkedIn.
Take a look below at the full list of the 25 fastest-growing jobs in America:

  1. Vaccine Specialists
  2. Diversity and Inclusion managers
  3. Customer marketing manager
  4. Machine learning engineer
  5. Process development scientist
  6. Business development representative
  7. Search marketing manager
  8. User experience researcher
  9. Business system administrator
  10. Analyst relations specialist
  11. Technical product manager
  12. Talent acquisition specialist
  13. Heads of financial planning
  14. Surgical intensive care nurse
  15. Back end developer
  16. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) manager
  17. Postpartum nurse
  18. Enterprise account director
  19. Customer solutions engineer
  20. Land development manager
  21. Site reliability engineer
  22. Molecular biologist
  23. Head of sales operations
  24. Strategic sales specialist
  25. Chief human resources officer