To accommodate the rapidly changing workplace, a mindful engagement with technology is essential.

It is true that the Fourth Industrial revolution offers endless opportunities – for workers, employers and societies alike. But without first tackling and addressing the challenges it poses, the benefits will fall short of our expectations.

In this second episode of the Monocle podcast series The Way To Work, we are exploring with leaders in business, academia and government the solutions to these challenges and how exactly the work-based learning, entrepreneurialism and flexibility can help reskill the workforce without leaving anyone behind.

Among other things, in this podcast you will learn:

  • Why re-skilling matters and how governments, businesses, and academic institutions need to work together;

  • How we all need reskilling – regardless of our age;

  • How businesses are key in helping us adapt to the changing world of work.

This episode features experts such as Nazrene Mannie (Executive Director, GAN), Ana Rold (Founder & Publisher Diplomatic Courier), Andre Hoffmann (Vice-chairman of Hoffmann-La Roche) or Taha Bawa (CEO and co-founder of Goodwall).

The podcast was originally published by Monocle here.

Episode 1: Humanizing Work As Offices Get Virtual


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