The conclusion of the 8-part The Way To Work podcast series – the result of a collaboration between the Adecco Group Foundation and Monocle – looks back on an extraordinary year to better understand how to focus on the future and addresses the trends that have been accelerated by COVID-19 in the world of work.

Hosted between Monocle’s Zurich and London studios, this episode features a roundtable panel featuring Cynthia Hansen and Liana Melchenko from the Adecco Group Foundation, in conversation with author and commentator on the future of work, Julia Hobsbawm. Revisiting the themes of earlier episodes, the discussion touches on how to ensure life-long employability, evolving demands for upskilling and reskilling, and the danger of certain populations being left behind. Underpinning these are the need for a revised social contract and multi-stakeholder collaboration to find lasting solutions.

Throughout the discussion, the episode showcases diverse views from the ground, including Sangheon Lee, Director of the Employment Policy Department of the International Labour Organization; Theo Merz, foreign correspondent; and Ayo Fagbemi and Nate Agbetu, founders of The Pattern. One year and a world of change later, this episode of The Way to Workbrings the topic of work full circle. It is the culmination of a collaboration aimed at bringing together different points of view, expertise, and research to provoke stimulating discussions around the future of work. Thank you for tuning in. Listen to the entire series of The Way To Work podcasts at Monocle 24


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