Missed the WEC conference this month? Bettina Schaller, Group SVP - Public Affairs – and President of the World Employment Confederation, and Menno Bart, Sr Mgr. Group Public Affairs, recap the key highlights from the World Employment Conference.


The conference touched on four primary areas, from leveraging technological change to thriving under increased uncertainty to understanding changing employee expectations. Several colleagues from the Adecco Group contributed their expertise to panels and discussions:


  • Jerick Develle spoke about the impact of Covid-19 on workers and touched on the latest Resetting Normal research.
  • Anny Pinto, SVP Global Privacy Officer & Legal Head Group IT and Digital, spoke about the impact of AI on recruiting and the importance of ethical AI and data privacy
  • Murielle Antille, SVP LHH Global Accounts, lead a session arguing that everyone should have a career coach as the chair of the Career Management Network. Her colleague, Juan Luis Goujon, brought a client to discuss reindustrialization and restructuring.
  • Menno Bart spoke about platform technology and how regulation should be adjusting to this new reality.
  • Bettina Schaller contributed to a number of sessions, including one on talent exchange, and a flagship session with various policymakers.


The Conference also highlighted that WEC is fully in line with the new Adecco Group Future@Work Strategy. After all, when it comes to the Future@Work, it’s about putting the worker first. Flexible placement is more than a commodity – it’s a necessity, and employers should be focusing on the quality of work produced instead of the hours worked. To watch the full recap, check out the video above.