Industry Insights Podcast: Tech Sector Redefining Its Limits

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In the latest episode of our “Industry Insights” podcast series, we dive into the technology sector to discuss how companies can increase their focus on talent solutions to future-proof their businesses.
August 16, 2022
Future of Skills
Future of Work

Businesses across different sectors are undergoing rapid transformation as they enter a new era in the future of work. Many sectors – including the technology sector – are facing growing talent attraction and retention issues, as well as skills shortages. To future-proof their businesses, companies should focus on talent solutions.

In the latest episode of our “Industry Insights” podcast series, which covers key trends in different industries and markets, we discuss how businesses can address challenges and opportunities in the talent space.

We hear from Bruno Fiorentini, Senior Vice President, Global Industry Lead for Technology at the Adecco Group, who dives into the trends impacting the tech sector, the ways in which a very dynamic industry is redefining its limits, and the talent solutions companies must implement to stay competitive. Listen below.