As we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the so-called STEM-PATHY skills will be critical. There is a need for more empathy, more creativity, and more collaboration going forward. That is according to the Adecco Group’s CEO Alain Dehaze, who joined Francine Lacqua on Bloomberg News Surveillance on 12 February to discuss the future of work.


More will need to be done to invest in people’s skills – both hard and soft skills. In the interview, Alain Dehaze noted that some 80% of jobs that we will do in 2030 are yet to be invented and reskilling and upskilling of workers is indispensable.


He added: “The challenge we’re facing today is a challenge of synchronisation – because of technology acceleration, some companies and industries have been disrupted. Some jobs will be displaced, and at the same time, companies will need to hire new skills. How can an individual stay attractive in this labour market that is changing at a very rapid pace? How can governments and companies help ensure a sustainable workforce?”


When asked about the most significant legacy of what COVID-19 will be on the world of work, he listed four trends: (1) work flexibility, (2) the end of 9-5 work hours, (3) a need for emotionally intelligent leaders, and (4) increased digital skills.


To watch the full interview, click on this link here (the interview with Alain Dehaze starts at min 0:30:34).